How to drink alcohol

There is nothing wrong with occasionally to allow yourself to relax over a glass of wine or a good whiskey — good bit of alcohol will help to relieve stress and lift your spirits.

However, it is important to remember that everything is good in moderation, and excessive drinking will not only benefit your health, but will cause him irreparable harm.

To drink or not to drink — everyone decides for himself. But if you from time to time not deny myself the pleasure of a drink or two, it will be useful to know how to drink certain alcoholic beverages and how to avoid a severe hangover, if you “something went wrong”.

How to drink alcohol

Before the party, we highly recommend to eat food, rich in carbohydrates – rice porridge, pasta, bread. Also it is useful to drunk to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal – they absorb part of the alcohol, and then withdraw the absorbed alcohol in a natural way.

1. Don’t drink too much

Moderate doses of alcohol consumed is the main condition in order to avoid brutal fights, dubious adventures and heavy gloomy hangover.

2. Don’t drink every day

Professional athletes train every day. To do so booze is to become a professional alcoholic. Another popular among office employees mode – “five days working, two drink“ is also not very constructive. How often can I drink depends on the individual person, but reasonable limits – no more than 2-3 times a week.

3. Do not drink alcohol on an empty stomach

It is a sure way to rapidly get drunk and eventually acquire health problems. So, a few hours before alkomaty have a long lunch. The presence of food in the stomach reduces the intake of alcohol in the blood.

For this purpose, well suited to roasted meat or greasy soup. Another secret: drink 50 grams shortly before the fateful meeting with friends. It works as a kind of vaccination and to include the enzyme that neutralizes alcohol. The body will start to act protective mechanism, and this morning you’ll meet a more joyful and fresh.

4. Drinking alcohol

In empty stomach, alcohol is absorbed very quickly. Women are beautiful, and you’re stronger and fearless, until reality smash that illusion to pieces. Not to get drunk with vodka, and culturally and intellectually to eat – you have to eat.

The absorption of alcohol it is best slows down hot and greasy food: potatoes, pork, bacon, dumplings, butter and herring. Mind you, we don’t call food a diminutive name. The fat in the body breaks down alcohol and isolates it from the suction of the intestinal wall.

In addition to calories, with ethyl alcohol the perfect combination of bread, onions, cabbage, mushrooms and pickles. But the melon with vodka should not be consumed, and don’t even ask us why.

5. Don’t mix alcoholic drinks

The degree can be raised, only drink red wine after the white, and best of all – do not mix alcoholic beverages. These rules we all know from childhood, but few comply. Not to end the party rest in the puddle, pick one drink and drink it all night.

Followed by the traditional jumble of medical terms: when you mix alcohol drinks alcohol (vodka, brandy) and drinks containing fusel oil (wine, beer), you get an explosive mixture, which enters into a chemical reaction and becomes toxic to the body.

If you add in addition to starting three bottles of beer and other alcohols and components – this increases the load on the liver and it starts to work worse.

6. Drink alcohol slowly

Drank a glass – no effect. It without a break – the second, third and fourth. And then the whole caboodle will act immediately, bypassing the stage of pleasant intoxication, you immediately find yourself in a stage of “who is That person? It’s time for him to bed.“ Do not hurry to drink, still sober don’t move.

7. Define your limits and stick to it

Gone are the days when you thought a bottle of vodka on one is merely a pleasant aperitif. Tonight’s party is not first in your life, and you know roughly how much is it gonna take the wife this morning to talk to you. To determine the extent to booze and stick to his agenda.

Don’t try to compare the amount of alcohol consumed with a friend who weighs 40 kg more. He’s in a different weight class and you’re not in the competition. Safe dose of alcohol there, and the single lethal dose for a man weighing 65 kg and 1.2 liters of vodka. Know how to stop.

8. Not to drink alcohol at the wheel

Let’s say that you need your health, freedom and money. It’s your business. But other people on the streets of the city at night in no way to blame. Sitting behind the wheel drunk, you put their life in danger. So the rule of thumb: if you drink – call a cab.

9. Maintain the water balance of the body

Alcoholic drinks are better to eat and not to drink. The liquid gets absorbed into the blood almost instantly, and with it the alcohol. Particularly harmful carbonated drinks: they have more speed up intoxication. On the other hand, alcohol severely dehydrates your body together with the liquid loses important minerals and vitamins.

At the end of the Banquet it is recommended to drink at least as much plain water as you have drunk bitter. Another trick – after a couple of hours after a meal to drink 1-1. 5 liters of water at night to avoid a morning hangover thirst.

10. The culture of drinking

Each drink has its traditions and special culture of its use. Alcohol will not help to solve the psychological problems or to relieve stress. This is one of the optional elements of a beautiful life, a way to spend time.

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