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How to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is acne, a skin disease that affects the sebaceous glands: normally, the sebaceous glands musk rises through ducts to the surface of the skin and exits through the pore.

When the disease of the cells, which is called microace, clog the exit from the gland.

Activation bacteria “Propionibacterium acnes” and inflammation occurs, blockage, resulting in the formation of pimplesopen (black head) and closed (white head).

It is worth noting that in themselves bacteria Propionibacterium acnes and other do not cause diseases of the skin most of us – they are representatives of normal microflora of the skin. Their negative impact, they show only when blockage of the follicle and hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands.

To the appearance of acne on the skin is affected:

  • heredity,
  • hormonal status,
  • failures of the immune system.

Acne causes: Myths and Facts

During the man’s struggle with the hated pimples appeared a lot of myths about how to treat and protect against recurrence of this unpleasant disease.

On Internet forums there are the exotic recipes of getting rid of this scourge, but there are the most common, for example:

Myth #1. With age, and it was all gone

This is one of the most common myths are based on observations, most often the disease begins at a young age, from 13 to 20 years, which is associated with hormonal changes in the body.

However no one can guarantee that acne will disappear at a more Mature age.

“Contrary to popular belief, acne  is not the disease that you can “outgrow,” – said the famous beautician, author of books on cosmetology Nelson Lee Novick. – Moreover, some of them begin to appear after puberty. 95% of my patients are adults”.

However, the soil for such a myth as not surprising, are scientific facts – doctors have no doubt that the cause a failure in the sebaceous glands is an excess of male hormones – androgens.

Myth #2. Blame stress

Indeed, many say the aggravation of the disease on the background of stress. But if you have no predisposition to acne and you never had by itself, the stress may not be the cause of acne.

Myth #3. This is because certain foods

Acne will not impress you due to the fact that you love chocolate, meats or chips. the in Themselves errors in diet do not lead to this disease.

However, those who are already fighting for the purity of your skin, is to abandon oily, too spicy and smoked food and alcohol.

Myth #4. It is worth to start sexual life – and the disease will retreat

The Foundation of this myth, apparently, the same as that of the first – hormonal changes can really be the culprit of the disease, but to try to escape from acne sex, rather fondly. This view is not scientific evidence.

Myth #5. Acne there are unscrupulous people

This is perhaps the only myth that is an absolute fallacy. observations beauticians, this is the point that is the desire of the holders of acne permanently and unjustly trying to fight against germs, dust, manic monitor the cleanliness of the face.

Any specialist knows of cases where patients are washed and cleansed the face 10-15 times a day, use alcohol or caustic liquids, naively trying to “scrape” the pimples from your face.

“Vigorous rubbing of the skin, application of soap, synthetic towels and brushes in a fruitless attempt to “dry” or “scrub” pimples only leads to dryness and vulnerability of the skin.

But misconceptions are so deeply rooted in people’s minds that they’d rather refuse treatment than leave the habit to injure the skin,” writes Dr. Novick.

Myth #6. Sunlight can cure acne

In summer, the condition of the skin many really improving. This is because the rays of the sun really dried the skin, and the tan makes all the defects less noticeable.

But remission or cure one the sun, alas, will not succeed.

Myth #7. Cleansing – the key to recovery

Beauticians do recommend regularly cleaning, but not often, and not his own!

Independently, in house conditions it is better not to make any manipulation, even if you really want this. Because your face deserves to entrust the care of an experienced doctor, right?

How to Get Rid of Acne – Treatment

So, we already know what causes of acne – the sebaceous glands, which are disturbed due to hormonal imbalance due to:

  • dysfunction of glands of internal secretion,
  • abuse of certain types of food
  • lack of vitamins,
  • medication
  • menstruation in women
  • stress and fatigue,
  • some cosmetic products.

Acne treatment must be under the supervision of a physician. First of all, visit endocrinologist and dermatologist – that the diagnosis was accurate, the doctor needs to know the balance of hormones and make sure that no skin diseases (acne is often confused with other skin diseases).

Acne Pill and Medicine

Oral had often prescribed antibiotics. Over time, however, it turned out that the benefits from such treatment, even less than the minuses: the antibiotics are too overwhelming for the immune system. Now most doctors advise are medicines:


They are prescribed only to women of substance contained in the drugs reduce testosterone levels, resulting in reduced activity of the sebaceous glands.

Oral contraceptives

Largely similar to the first, are used depending on the menstrual cycle, have many contraindications.

Roaccutane (Isotretinoin)

It is a systemic drug that reduces the formation of sebum and prevents clogging of pores. He also has both pros and cons:

  • + Right combination of treatment under medical control gives very good results.
  • – Increases the susceptibility of the skin to UV light, there are contraindications. Self-medication is such a serious drug is unacceptable.

Cosmetic Procedures for Getting Rid of Acne

Some salon treatments can also help deal with acne, for example:

Ozone Therapy

Is the use of ozone gas in the treatment-and-prophylactic purposes. Coming into contact with the cells of the body, ozone destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi.


This technique is based on the use of high-intensity light sources (IPL) penetrating the deep layers of the skin and provide therapeutic effect.


Cryomassage dries, reduces inflammation, and normalizes thermoregulation and sebaceous glands.

How to Get Rid of Acne at Home by Yourself

There are plenty of popular recipes that if you want you can apply after consulting with your beautician. Soothing decoctions of herbs, dried home-made liqueur on alcohol and other tools from an old medical manual, of course, can be used, if approved by your beautician.

How to align the skin after acne

If treatment is to spend correctly and on time, acne will disappear without a trace. However, scars are not uncommon among those who defeated the disease, but can not say goodbye with “traces of destruction”.

Aesthetic rehabilitation may include application of creams, resolving scars, salon treatments, but is:


Laser or conventional salon peeling fruit acid removes the top layer of skin, after which the result of the regeneration, the skin is completely updated. The laser also stimulates collagen production.

  • + If you know how to follow through, then this procedure will be able to fully get rid of scars on the face.
  • – Will have to be very careful with the UV light.


We have noted that eating certain foods triggers the recurrences in some people. Best decision keeping a food diary.

The only way you will be able to understand whether to play any role of food in your specific case. It’s possible that not playing at all.

Psychological aspect

Experts say that most people suffering from acne, it is very impressionable and hypochondriac. Skin is a barrier between the individual and the outside world, and its condition largely depends on the internal sense of self. Visit a psychologist and talk to him about their problems and feelings – it will help you in a successful acne treatment.

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