How to get rid of alcoholism

There are many definitions of alcoholism, but the fact that alcoholic dependence is a disease from which a person is very difficult to get yourself known to all.

People who often drink alcohol may face the problem of both psychological and physiological dependence on alcohol, and as a consequence of alcoholism. Hitting the human body, this chronic disease leads to systemic needs in the next portion of alcohol, the use of which inevitably leads to addiction, and as a consequence personality degraded. Begins mental disorders, manifested the external signs of alcoholism: the puffiness of the cheeks and temples, face in general, bloodshot whites of the eyes, shaking hands, possible bruising under the eyes, the person is in a state of high emotionality and irritability.

A person with alcohol dependence occur long-term health problems. Damages the liver up to cirrhosis, there are heart disease, reduced immunity, kidneys not functioning properly – this is not a complete list of problems faced by people with alcoholism. Constant insomnia, headache, diarrhea, dizziness, lack of coordination become daily problems. In addition, the suffering and the social status of the person, possible job loss, domestic violence, divorce, etc. But sooner or later, knowing that any bad mood, stress or joyful event ends alcohol intoxication, the man asks himself the question: “How long will this last?”. The most wise answer is a solution to get rid of this addiction as quickly as possible.

Methods of getting rid of alcoholism

Medical treatment of alcoholism

This can be seen in any disease, but existing methods and means of struggle with alcoholism is usually divided into two categories: official and popular. Let’s start with the first, dividing them into three stages of treatment.

Step 1: removes the toxic effect of alcohol on the body with soothing, vitamin, restorative, conducted psychotherapy sessions, using inspiring and relaxing means.

Step 2: uses the more powerful ways: apomorphine therapy, pyrotherapy, hypoglycemic insulin therapy. Use group and family method of psychotherapy, and sometimes deep hypnosis.

Step 3: keep the maximum effect from previous ways of dealing with alcoholism, using such tools as a salt of lithium, tranquilizers, placebo effect. Widely used coding dependencies.

Today, there are many special clinics with a sympathetic tolerance will help patients with alcoholism to cope with this problem.

Naturally remedies treatment of alcoholism

Importantly, in the people’s way of combating alcoholism is to establish special against alcohol supply where to eat-use food that has cleansing effect on the blood vessels, intestines, kidneys, liver (tansy, celandine, cranberry, lemon, calendula, pine needles, pumpkin seeds, etc.). To replenish vitamins in the body apply to cereals, vegetables and fruits. There are funds, possessing in some measure the properties of the encoding: centaury, thyme, St. John’s wort, etc. Also restores the body with bee products (propolis, pollen, honey). Known even use worms and insects for the preparation of various liqueurs able to defeat alcohol addiction. With proper treatment these products (tea, tincture, decoction) and their systematic use can achieve unexpected results.

Home remedies treatment of alcoholism

In combination with official and folk medicine can be on their own at home to get rid of alcohol addiction. The main thing in achieving success not only willpower, but also compliance with certain methods of struggle with alcoholism.

  • First and most important, deciding to quit drinking is knowing that the person does it for himself and not for anybody else. The only way he will be able to achieve the result, otherwise it makes no sense to even begin.
  • With each passing day, must reduce the amount of alcohol consumed, reducing it to zero. After 4-5 months you can safely refuse it, the main thing not to break into a difficult emotional moments (irritation, resentment, anger, stress).
  • To engage in replacement activities (Hobbies, exercise, socializing with friends, playing with the kids, family stuff, work, etc.), it will help to distract from the desire to drink.
  • In order to wean the body from alcoholic beverages, within 10 days should follow the diet with the increased use of natural fruit and vegetable juices.
  • It is also important to protect the person from communicating with drunk people. If a patient is too hard to resist the temptation to drink with friends – he should change the circle of communication.
  • You should limit the visit triggering places, such as clubs and bars.
  • It is Important to not only get rid of all alcohol in the house, but from all the empty bottles, as their appearance can undermine willpower, and it is fraught with consequences.
  • One of the easiest ways to quit drinking is a good healthy sleep. It will help to prevent symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Should have everything you long to hold in your mouth: candy, chewing gum without sugar, crunchy vegetables and fruit (carrots, cucumbers, apples, etc.). And unhealthy foods should be discarded.
  • Better to give up Smoking because cigarettes increase the need for alcohol, and Vice versa.
  • Very effective are folk remedies of struggle with alcohol dependence. For treatment you can use the beneficial properties of various fruits of nature. It is best for this fit means having the ability to suppress the craving for alcohol. Perfectly coping with this task celery. Just need to mix a glass of water with half a glass of celery juice and drink this two times a day. These well properties are carrot, lemon and orange juice.
  • Yoga or meditation. Keeping body and mind in a relaxed state, much easier to solve problems with alcohol dependence.
  • It is important to do physical exercise, they will help not only to get back in shape, but also to deal with alcoholism. Because alcohol is a toxin, which for a long time remains in your blood. During exercise the body releases sweat, which overlook the toxins, as a result, the patient feel better.
  • Should abandon the use of sugar and caffeine in any form, they increase the craving for alcohol.
  • You can have a pet. When selecting an animal you must consider such factors as place of residence (apartment or house), as well as the lifestyle that the pet does not become a burden and brought only joy and positive. Say therapy Pets is a very good way to remove the stress and helps to relieve the craving for alcohol.
  • As a result of overload, stress, fatigue, nervousness and anxiety increases the risk of alcohol consumption. Massage and contrast shower will help to cope with these problems. Popular was the use of music therapy, as music that soothes, relieves stress, relaxes and brings pleasure.
  • It is important to imagine a future without alcohol, as you can see its absence in later life.
  • As a rule, people drank alcohol in specific individual situations and circumstances. We therefore have to protect yourself from the occurrence of such situations and circumstances. To the extent possible, avoid the usual places of hanging out, chatting with people who trigger the desire to drink. It is best to find some new and interesting things to do.
  • No need to set for yourself unattainable goals. After all, the extra frustration can negate all the efforts.
  • Help method of carrot and stick. Definitely need to reward yourself for successes. Even the smallest detail can be a great incentive.

Treatment of  alcohol syndrome – this fight is not one day or one month. Even tiny steps can achieve the goal, the main thing – persistence and confidence in their abilities. A big help along the way can bring the family and friends as support is an important element of any endeavour. Never stop halfway, you should always believe in yourself and this problem will be avoided.

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