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How to induce labor yourself

Today it is believed that in normal, full childbirth after “correctly mahoganny or pregnancy should start rolling in time with 38 and 42 weeks. But overcarrying current pregnancy after 42 weeks is often the real reason for doctors to decide on the specific measures can stimulate tribal activities. Moreover, in the medical environment it is considered that overdue pregnancy is absolutely no better than say the pregnancy premature. And, as a rule, drug stimulation of labor activity is conducted in the direction of the leading pregnancy specialist and often in inpatient treatment. Usually, for such stimulation physicians can use this hormone as oxytocin.

And at the same time, if your baby is a few “overstayed” their mothers in the womb and independently is not going to start the journey to a new world for him, after consultation and with the consent of the doctor leading the pregnancy is quite possible to start applying the methods of natural stimulation of labor activity. So with the consent of the doctor it is possible to try to call the coming generations of their own. However, remember that for the practical application of some methods, naturally stimulating childbirth, and in the complex or in a single variant, be sure to get timely blessing for such activities specialist.

How to induce labor yourselfThus, to proceed to any stimulation of labor activity is permissible only under certain condition, which shows that the cervix of the woman for the upcoming childbirth fully ripe. And this can only be seen by a specialist. And, in addition, to make a decision on promotion or on banning induction of labor may, in such cases:

When there has been confirmed a rhesus-the conflict of mother and child and the number of antibodies increases sharply.
When premature detachment of part of the placenta.
When there is premature rupture of amniotic fluid, but does not occur subsequent occurrence of frequent contractions.

What about the ways natural stimulation of labor activity or medical methods is a task performed by doctors. And, of course, to decide whether and how to induce labor yourself may also decide to only medic?

Neat sex

It is to say, the way of combining “with pleasure”, and neat moderate sex may well be more than acceptable way to promote generic activities. And the thing is that during orgasm will be a reduction in a woman’s uterus, which subsequently may be physiologically normal early labour before giving birth. In addition, it is important to know that male sperm in large quantities very special substances called prostaglandins. These substances are, in General, and contribute to the maturation and significant softening of the female cervix. Everything, moderate sex more and are able to induce the production in a woman’s body hormone oxytocin – recall this is the same hormone that full stimulation of labor activity is carried out in stationary conditions, but with a standard drip.

Please note that it is not necessary to resort to such methods of stimulation of labor activity to those women who have been diagnosed too low location or even a placenta previa. It is important to remember that in cases where the woman’s partner have any untreated genital infections, it is mandatory to include the use of condoms and thereby to avoid infection directly to the fetus.

And the last requires that such physical intimacy was practiced exclusively “under the sign” maximum tenderness and care during pregnancy excessive activity simply unacceptable. Not least because such proximity can cause even premature detachment of the placenta is a condition that can threaten the health and even the life of the baby.

A gentle massage of nipples

It is important to know what to try to induce labor yourself you can use a gentle massage of nipples. Today it is believed that during this massage in a woman’s body will be enhanced production of this hormone as oxytocin. The more that is similar to the “proper” massage so sensitive to gentle caresses area of a woman’s body can help to hold and future daddy – for example, by the lips directly during light physical intimacy. However, by and large, not too important, exactly who the woman completely independently or her partner, the man – this massage will cause subsequent generations”.

The most important thing: that this massage was the most gentle, and all movements are very cautious and careful in any case not to allow the slightest sore nipples women and, of course, not to give a chance for the development of mastitis.

Moderate physical activity

Believe me, it may help somewhat to bring the coming generations reasonable (without fanaticism), physical activity women. The load must be enhanced, if we talk about its regularity, let it be daily exercises, gymnastic classes or say yoga for pregnant women, perfect and long walks. It is possible to slowly perform the most sparing complex with light squats, can be very useful rises in the usual ladder with complete disregard for the Elevator. However, at the same time, their physical activity should be mandatory “dose”.

And remember: moving an incredible weights, or stress for pregnant women is unacceptable, because it can cause even premature detachment of the placenta.

Many popular methods

Note that in the “list” of such popular methods promote generic activities you can find a variety of recommendations on possible eating, women of dishes, where large quantities are present fresh beets or parsley. In addition, according to the methods of folk medicine, call the coming generations, it is quite possible, not taking a strong tincture of the usual raspberry leaf. However, the effectiveness of this method of medical workers put a big question, and, nevertheless, the real popularity that this method does not diminish.

So as to hasten the birth of a child can try revising your diet. So suppose for induction of labor shows a sharp increase in a woman’s diet of vegetables or fruits. Indeed, any fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis, and such reduction may well increase and the subsequent uterine contractions. Actually with the same purpose it is possible to apply simple cleansing enema using salt solution. Remember, however, that the capacity of enemas during pregnancy should be minimal.

The use of castor oil

Unfortunately this is a very controversial method for stimulation of labor activity, although he practiced for some time even many midwives in certain hospitals – we will remind you about drinking pregnant woman castor oil. Recall that the castor oil is quite powerful laxative, and such an intensive cleaning of the entire bowel, as probably everyone knows, can lead to active contractions of the female uterus. Actually it is therefore, very likely that generations after administration of castor oil will begin shortly. Recall that for laxative enough just fifty grams of castor oil, pre-diluted with fresh orange or, say, apricot juice.

However, however, it is important to know what castor oil, adopted in large doses, overdose can cause quite prolonged diarrhoea, which, of course, increases the risks of occurrence of dehydration women. Therefore, trying to practice this method of stimulation, a pregnant woman should always be careful to limit and be sure to consult with your doctor.

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