Conception of a child

How to plan the sex of the unborn child

Planning a future child’s sex by month of conception

The first way of planning the sex of the baby according to the month of conception was described in Ancient China. The sages believed that the sex of the baby can be affected by mother’s age and month of conception. For example, the 25-year-old woman autumn and winter high probability to conceive a boy, and in the spring of girls. The 24-year-old Vice versa. Made special table in which, depending on the age of the mother, are favorable months for baby girls and boys.

Experts noted that the observations that were made thousands of years ago, coincide with the truth. If you follow the tips described in Ancient China, you can increase the chance to conceive a baby of the desired gender, but the accuracy of the prediction is not more than 60 percent.

After a few centuries in the Japanese began to think about how to plan for a future child’s sex. The Japanese captured who they born (son or daughter), the month in which you conceived a child and month of birth of parents. If both parents of the unborn child were born in November, then in July they would conceive a girl and a boy in February. If the father was born in July, and the mother in January, the conception of girls suited June, and for a boy – January. The accuracy of this forecast is too low – it is true in 54-59 percent of cases (efficiency 5-8 percent).

Planning method to update the blood

Planning sex of the child by the method of blood packEuropean doctors have developed a theory of “pack of blood”, according to which it is possible to predict baby gender. Because the blood in the female body is renewed every three years, and the men – every four years, respectively, whose blood at the moment of conception was more “fresh” and will be the sex of the baby. The essence of the method is the following – you need to share the woman’s age (in years at time of conception) on three, and the age of men – four and compare the remnants of the division. Blood younger than he, whose remainder is less.

Accuracy of forecasts Europeans behind the Eastern sages, because this method is correct only 51-53%. The efficiency of the method of the gender of the fetus to update the blood is 1-2%. According to modern studies of blood cells live only 3-4 months.

Planning the sex of the baby according to the day of the week

Method 1:
The first method is based on the calculation day, when the female body is ovulating. Sperm that have the male Y-chromosome, move more actively, but are much fewer sperm with the female X-chromosome. In this regard, when the sexual act is committed in the day of ovulation, the male sperm are first to the egg, resulting in the boy appears. If intercourse takes place 1-2 days before ovulation (sperm can remain active for 72 hours), then the time is ripe egg “male” sperm are dying, and develops the girl.

This assumption is true in 58-63 percent of cases. The effectiveness of this method 8-13 percent.

Method 2:
The second floor planning method is the following: if the parents want a girl was born, they must refrain from love, and if you want a boy, on the contrary, should make love more often. If long time to refrain, in the male body produces antibodies that inactivate sperm that carry the Y chromosome. As a consequence, a greater likelihood of conception of the girls, and Vice versa.

When using this method in 65-70 cases out of 100 the forecast is confirmed. Parents who want to conceive a girl should completely abstain not less than one and a half months. Even a simple kiss can ruin everything.

Popular floor planning methods

When using “traditional” methods of planning the sex of the baby, such that do not require special medical procedures, they will be true only 10-15 percent. You should decide for yourself what You prefer to rely on the will of nature or to try to change her…

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