How to Prepare Your Home to Welcome a Newborn Baby

Before meeting with a newborn, parents need to begin to prepare for his appearance. You must reject all superstitions, which are so often told by our grandmothers, and buy things that are useful to the kid when it will be brought from the hospital. So, what you need to prepare first ?

Children’s room – what should it be?

Well, that the baby had its own bathroom. The best for this purpose will approach the brightest room in the apartment, whose Windows face South or South-East. Before the room will be filled with baby, it is necessary to make repairs. Use for interior decoration only natural safe building materials.

If you spend a cosmetic repair is not possible, then you need to carefully wash floors and Windows in the room, and the walls of the process steam. If indoors children’s floor or wall carpets, they should be removed, because they will serve as an additional place of dust that can cause allergies in a young child.

Children’s room – what should it be

If your house does not have a separate room for the newborn, you can arrange the area in the parents room. To do this, choose the location, not too close to the window, and best of all along the wall opposite him. Put the corner of the crib, changing table and chest of the child’s things.

The furniture in the nursery before your first use carefully wash soap-soda solution. Next, you need daily to wipe the dust, and to carry out wet cleaning of floors.

An important attribute of any child’s room – humidifier. It is an indispensable thing for a family with a small child. It is especially useful during the heating season, when the air is too dry. It is the dry air is often the cause of poor sleep newborn, and also the appearance of respiratory diseases.

What to buy for a newborn?

Diapers. Need to buy the smallest size (from 2 to 5 or 3 to 6 kg). On average, the child’s first months of life will require 5-7 diapers a day, so for the first time enough to have a home 2-3 of their packs;

Clothing and underwear. Buy at least 5 pairs of vests and sliders, same caps, warm sweaters and socks. Depending on what time of the year the child was born, you need to choose and outerwear. Winter or demi jumpsuit, warm hat, wool suit – that’s what you need to purchase necessary.

Toiletries. Baby soap and cream, cotton swabs, wet wipes, powder, oil to care for baby skin is far not the full list of what can be useful for the first time.

What to buy for a newbornMedicines for baby: in the children’s and pharmaceutical stores sell ready-made sets for newborns, which includes everything needed for care of the umbilical wound, nails and skin, as well as medications that may be useful in emergency situations.

Toys for the newborn. baby enough to buy a pair of bright rattles and musical mobile that you can hang over the crib when the child reaches month. Surely the relatives and friends who come to see the newborn, bring in a toy gift, so don’t buy too many of them.

I hope that these tips will help future parents do not get confused, if you are going shopping for an unborn child.

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