How to quickly sober up

Sobering – is to minimize the effects of alcohol on the brain to a state when a man adequately perceives reality, and may some time (a maximum of 40-45 minutes) to solve tasks, for example, to sit behind the wheel of a car in an emergency. On drunk need to rest and sleep, attempts to revive him fail.

Sober up for a couple of minutes allow only special efferent (fast deducing from an organism alcohol) tools that are used only in specialized drug treatment clinics. All other methods start to operate after 15-20 minutes and do not clean the breath (halitosis).

The body of a drunken person is dehydrated, therefore, the application of pharmacy diuretics are contraindicated and can cause harm.

A quick sobering – home methods

1. Induce vomiting. It is necessary that the remnants of alcohol in the stomach is not absorbed into the blood. In a pinch, you can chew a few tablets of activated charcoal and drink their glass of clean cold water, without gas, but the activated carbon acts not as effective as vomiting.

Then you need 1-2 times to smell ammonia or other volatile liquid with a sharp odor. If the drunk is unconscious, it is from the ammonia start to revive him and then the cleanse.

2. Wash in cold water. Short-term cooling activates protective functions of the body, stimulates blood flow and invigorates. Here the main thing not to overdo it. Bathing in the icy water and rubbing with snow is fraught with hypothermia, since a drunk person does not feel cold.

If no chronic diseases, it is best to take a contrast shower. First rinse yourself with water, pleasant temperatures, then make hot water for 20-30 seconds and pour the whole body, not lingering long in one place, then put cold water to stand for 60 seconds then a quick hot shower and finally cold again.

3. Drink a mug of strong brewed tea or coffee. These drinks stimulate the nervous system and are a natural diuretic, which quickly takes the alcohol from the blood. If a person has a heart problem, he was recommended tea. After 15 minutes, repeat the procedure. In between coffee (tea) must try to drink as much water or juice.

4. Move to fresh air. Ventilation along with increased oxygen consumption faster leads the body into feeling. Healthy people are recommended for short periods (5-10 minutes) of intense physical activity with sweating and increased heart rate doubled. For example, you can do some crunches or go for a run.

5. Strain the mind. A quick sobering up is largely dependent on the activity of brain processes that can be stimulated by maintaining a meaningful conversation, solving word problems, solving puzzles, reading poetry to memory. At first glance it seems strange, but mental activity helps.

After one or more tips for fast sobering up after drinking and alcohol, one should refrain from further intake of alcohol and sleep at least 5-6 hours. Remember that sobriety is not the removal of alcohol from the body, though in many respects depends on it.

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