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How to Squat

Correct squat perfectly strengthens the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, abdominals, quadriceps, back and hamstrings. Plus squats are great impact on balance and coordination. Notice we said “Proper Squat”? We will teach you to fulfill it.

How to Squat Properly

To become a real Pro, and to prepare for the sit-UPS with weight, follow these simple steps.

  1. Stand straight with feet slightly wider than shoulder width.
  2. Lower the shoulders and take them back. The rounded back you don’t want — otherwise you will overload the lower back. Throughout the exercises it is important to maintain a straight posture.
  3. owner can be several provisions. First they are extended forward, palms facing down. The second bent at the elbows and held close to the body, thumbs are up. The third folded behind your head, elbows out to the sides. Fourth — in the castle in front of him. Fifth — the palms are on the waist.
  4. Slightly move your hips back and start to bend your knees. As you begin to squat, ensure that the back remains flat and the shoulders are not raised.
  5. Mentally draw a straight line perpendicular to the floor from the toes. Your knees should not go beyond this line. Always keep the knees over the feet, keep and not dilute his feet.
  6. Pelvis pull back like behind you stands an invisible chair.
  7. Deep squat is the best squat. So lower the pelvis as low as possible. If it has dropped below knee level, count, you have reached the pro level. For self-control are unable to put behind a low box squat, touching his buttocks.
  8. Body Weight transfer on the heel. The only way you will be able to download the gluteus Medius and work through ankle and hamstring.

Errors when doing squats

Mistake #1: You are not fully squat

  • Of Course, we are not saying that squatting with thighs parallel to the floor — badly. However, lowering pelvis below will make this exercise even more effective and involves not only the quads.
  • How to fix: spread your legs a little wider, allowing greater control over balance and work more muscles.

Mistake #2: You bring your knees

  • Perhaps the muscles in your legs are still not strong enough. But believe me, to strengthen them quickly, you can just squat right.
  • How to fix: stand in front of a mirror and watch carefully so that during exercise the knee “did not go” to the side or inside.

Squat WorkoutsMistake #3: You lean back

  • How to fix: only by the transfer of the body on the heels. Squat so that you could tear my fingers from the floor while straightening the knees. The weight transfer will help keep the torso in an upright position.

Mistake #4: You quickly squat

  • When you perform a squat without weight, the speed is not very important. The main thing — to follow the technique. But as soon as you pick up a weight (barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell), immediately control the speed.
  • How to fix: it’s very simple — don’t squat and don’t get up too fast, breathe deeply and slowly.

Mistake #5: Not warming up before squat

  • Don’t be surprised, but before squatting will not prevent the warm — up it will prepare the joints and muscles to load. And may help prevent injury.
  • How to fix: the best warm — up before squatting- jumping rope for a couple minutes. And one more thing. If you are set up to squat with weight, start to do squats without equipment, only with their weight, and then gradually increase load.

Video: How to Squat Properly (Men and Women)

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