Pregnancy test

How to use pregnancy test

Today, you can easily at home to determine pregnancy in the presence of the test. In order to learn how to use it, how it works, and what are the types of tests, we recommend you simply read this article. We will try in great detail to answer questions on this popular topic.

It is no secret that any test determines the presence of pregnancy the amount of HCG in the urine. It is this hormone in pregnant women is significantly greater than in the normal state. As a result, if you suspect pregnancy, go to the drugstore and buy a test. It will help to verify the absence or presence of pregnancy. However, that leads to the next important question: what is the test to buy? For this we will understand what pregnancy tests exist.

How to use pregnancy testThe most popular and common pregnancy test – it’s the usual “test strip”. It is not only easy to use, but also the most expensive of all kinds. The name of this test is obtained by the fact that it is made in plain paper strip, which includes a reactive substance. In order to do that you need to collect morning urine in a Cup and leave it for a couple of seconds the strip, then put it on a flat surface and three minutes can determine the result. If one test strip – the result is negative, i.e. pregnancy. If the two results are positive. The disadvantages of this test include the fact that if used improperly, a high probability of an incorrect result. For example, if you have long or Vice versa little held a special strip in the urine, the result may be incorrect. However, it is recommended to buy a few tests and then compare their results.

There, the tablet test, it is more reliable. The test has two holes, in the first place urine. Then the urine gets on the reactive substance. After three minutes in the second window, the indicator will show the test result.

How to use pregnancy Inkjet testInkjet test is more accurate to determine the result. It is much more expensive. The basis of the test is urine, which responds to HCG and painted in a delicate blue color.

Next, consider when you can use the test. It is important to remember that the development of HCG begins after weeks of fertilization. The most reliable test result is determined after a delay period. So at this point it is possible to conduct the test. Also there are tests that determine the conception from the first day, or the week before continuing menstruation. These include jet tests. Also, almost all tests show the result with 99% reliability. Thus, you can have great confidence to use such a method to determine pregnancy.

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