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How to Use Tampons

Tampons – a great alternative to pads and also great personal hygiene, not restricting girls ‘ movements and opportunities. They can play sports, dance, and even swim. However, there are many nuances, which it is desirable to know each girl using tampons. Wrong choice of swab improper introduction and improper use is fraught with serious negative consequences.

Therefore, before answering the question of how to use a tampon girls, you need to talk about which tampons they need to choose. The fact that many girls are seriously afraid of the possibility of swab to lose their virginity. When used properly, tampons, make it absolutely impossible! The key is to use small tampons (2-3 drops). They are also called “mini” or “lits”. Such tampons do not tear the hymen, because she has a hole (diameter about a centimeter and a half), through which menstrual blood comes out and in which a perfectly placed ball.

Tips and Rules for using Tampons

1. The most important thing is to change a tampon! This should be done every 3-4 hours. However this is conditional and depends on the amount of blood. To verify the need to replace pad as follows: it is necessary to slightly pull the string and check is it easy to swab out. If Yes, the tampon is full and needs to be immediately removed. If not, you can swab a little longer to leave.

2. In General, to use tampons as a permanent personal care not! They should be alternated with usual spacers. The fact that there is a syndrome of toxic shock (TSS) that arise as a reaction of the organism to penetration of different bacteria and they can contribute toxins and poisons. It manifests itself in the form of headaches, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, chills and fever. Even though it is very rare, but quite dangerous. Basically it’s for people who frequently use tampons in larger sizes (4 and higher drops). The fact that these tampons obstruct the flow of blood and trigger inflammatory processes. In case of a wrong or with the frequent introduction of the tampon into the vagina and have more cracks, which propagated different bacteria. This can happen with small swabs.

3. For this reason, it is better to abandon the use of tampons at night. That night, our body actively restores their strength. Then heal all the cracks and sores.

4. Tampons should also not be used in the presence of girls genital infections, inflammatory processes, and also in unusual structure of her body. That is why before asking how to use a tampon girls, and before they buy and use, it is better to consult a gynecologist and undergo a complete gynaecological examination.

Use tampons girls can be, it is important to know how to do it right and do it often. Hygiene and care for your body is key to health, so be careful and attentive to yourself and to your children, and you need all will be well!

How to use a tampon girls, if the tampons are applicator?

It is believed that girls prefer virgins to use tampons with applicators. The use of a tampon with applicator – the procedure is certainly more hygienic but still, it’s a matter of habit.

Tips and Rules for using Tampons1. First you need to wash your hands with soap and warm water and, of course, to wash.

2. Then for the proper and painless introduction of a tampon, you need to find the most comfortable position. This can only be done, as they say, by trial and error: some people prefer to do it by lifting one leg, someone sitting on the toilet, and someone, crouching down. Most importantly, you need as much as possible to relax, because it is because of the tension in the muscles of the pelvis most often in adolescent girls with the introduction of tampons, there are painful sensations. In fact, this process is painless and should not cause any discomfort.

3. Taking the most comfortable position and by relaxing, you need to take the applicator into the place where he seems to be shrinking. The same fingers of the other hand to gently spread the labia and gently put the applicator into the vagina with the wider part so that the fingers that hold the place of narrowing of the applicator touched the skin of the genitals. Since the vagina is slightly curved, the swab should be administered and not directly up, as if slightly diagonally to the side of the spine.

4. Then the index finger should gently squeeze the opposite to the narrow part of the applicator and push it inside the wide part, which to this point has to be inside the vagina.

5. After all, it remains gently remove the applicator to make sure that the swab is fully inserted into the vagina to check for strings on the outside of the genitals and think about their feelings: discomfort, and especially pain, should not be.

How to use a tampon girls, if they are without applicators?

1. Wash hands and to wash.

2. To get the goods from the packaging, straighten the rope and grab the tampon with your fingers at its base.

3. You then need to gently spread your labia slowly and gently introduce the swab to the end, so it’s a little buried in the vagina. Rope must stay on the outside.

How to remove a tampon, girls?

1. To wash my hands.

2. Find a comfortable position, relax and gently pull the string down and slightly forward.

3. Already used tampon hidden in a bag (paper) and discreetly throw it in the trash, but in any case not in the toilet.

Problems when using tampons

But even knowing how to use a tampon girls, they often face a number of challenges.

1. For example, inexperienced in this matter, the girl may well seem like tampon stuck in the process of its introduction and no further progress, no matter how it tried to do it. In such cases no need to panic, you only need to push it, shifting the angle of insertion and/or change position.

2. Or, for example, pain is a problem that too often faced by teenage girls. The pain may occur when the girl relaxes the muscles of the pelvis, enters the swab to the end or, on the contrary, it makes it too deeply.

3. There are often problems with the process of extracting personal hygiene, especially when the girls accidentally rip off from the tampon thread. Sometimes girls forget with the introduction of the tampon to spread the thread and insert the tampon with her. In such cases, panic is also useless. No need to worry that the tampon will get lost or will forever remain in the vagina is impossible. To get it, you need only to relax, to push clean fingers labia, and the fingers of the other hand to feel the tampon and slowly take him out. If this fails, you need a little push (as a normal trip to the toilet) and try to find a means of personal hygiene again. If this does not work, don’t make yourself sick: either physically or mentally – it is better to ask for help in gynecological office.

How To Put In a Tampon

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