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Medical studies show that dry air with low humidity dries the skin, are affected the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. In view of this, the child lays the nose, breathing becomes difficult, creating discomfort, in particular when feeding. Dry mouth and nose leads to a decrease of the protective properties of the body, the child in this case is easily susceptible to various respiratory diseases.

Also dry air is dangerous for a small child to the presence of various allergens such as household dust, pet dander, plant pollen, which do not settle, how would “hang” in the air. From this the child with immature or weakened immune systems may develop a disease such as allergies.

Even if the baby has good health from birth, it reduced the humidity in the nursery may lead to the development of dysbiosis and possible changes in the daily regime of the kidneys. But if the child there are some health problems, dry ambient air will only exacerbate the situation. In the treatment of various diseases the use of drugs will not give the expected result, their efficiency will be much lower. Prolonged disease, not the appropriate mode of temperature and humidity can be the beginning of the development of chronic diseases in children.

To avoid these and many other problems will help to humidify the air in the nursery. And if our mothers and grandmothers, trying to achieve an optimum moisture level for the child and hung it up wet diaper, put a container with water from the hot batteries or just sprayed from the spray water, modern parents buy special devices that efficiently moisturize the air and control the humidity level in the room. This, quite compact and easy to operate, electric powered, household appliance, which is a must in the nursery, is called a humidifier. As additional functions, more expensive models of humidifiers are equipped with the function of ionization and air purification.

The decision to buy a humidifier for the nursery will be correct in all respects. You and your child will sleep better and stronger, much less hurt. Saturated with moisture the dust will not fly in the air randomly, irritating the mucosa and causing allergic reactions and settles on the floor and furniture, where they quickly and easily removed with a damp cloth. In addition, if your home has natural parquet on the floor, lots of wooden furniture, to avoid damage and cracks of the wood product, the air should also be clean-cut moisture, to keep you constantly at the same level only humidifier.

Humidifier – what is better?

A wide range of these domestic climate instruments, as well as a range of additional features and different methods of humidifying the air may slightly complicate the selection of the humidifier. However, in a good store or online store, experienced consultants will help you make the right choice according to the desired functionality of the humidifier, technical and operational characteristics of the purchased device.

Types of humidifiers:

  • humidifiers cold vapor;
  • humidifiers hot steam;
  • humidifiers ultrasonic (new generation of moisturizers)

Humidifiers cold vapor

Humidifiers cold vaporHumidifier using cold evaporation, appeared some time ago. Therefore they are also called classic or traditional. The humidifier operates cold steam due to hydration chased by the built-in fan air through a damp sponge (filter – evaporator). Sponge – filter treated with antibacterial composition, a cleansing water for humidification, as well as the filter cleans the incoming air flow from large dust particles, destroys harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The air, cleansed and moisturized, leaving the humidifier, is very fresh.

To ensure the quality of traditional humidification humidifiers require daily water changes, weekly cleaning of water tank and filter, remove from the walls of lime. For maintaining the cleanliness of the water in the appliance complies with ionizer – special ionizing silver rod, which is effective against more than 650 types of bacteria and viruses. Such humidifiers with built-in ionizers will also help freshen the air, saturating it with negative ions. Some models of traditional humidifiers have a special antibiotic cassette, which destroys pathogens.

The main advantages of humidifiers cold vapor is their affordable price, minimal power consumption, and the inability of waterlogged home air. The evaporation process them terminated itself when the relative humidity in the room at the proper temperature reaches its maximum. Usually these numbers are equal: a humidity of 50-60% at a temperature of 20-22°C. Thus, traditional humidifiers for home thanks to its self-regulating operation does not require control by the user. If the model of cold evaporation humidifier is equipped with a hygrometer that indicates the current value of the humidity, and a humidistat that accurately support a given level of humidity, the device will automatically turn off and turn for creating and maintaining individually specified humidity for the space.

The advantage of this humidifier can be called that by setting the night mode, it will work almost silently, thereby not to disturb the sleeping child. At the maximum evaporation, which provides for daily operation, humidified air quickly and the air temperature in the area of the humidifier will be colder for no more than one degree. Taking into account the peculiarities of the cold steam humidifier and its benefits, this device can become an indispensable assistant in the care of the child in maintaining a comfortable climate in the room a child’s room.

Humidifiers hot steam

Operation of the steam humidifier hot steam is due to evaporation of water in the tank heated to the boiling point and facing intense jet of hot steam into the room. Do not confuse these humidifiers work with an electric kettle. In a steam humidifier instead of a heating element heats the water, two electrodes are lowered into it. Accordingly the laws of physics the water as a conductor to complete an electrical circuit and the process of its heating. When the water in the humidifier tank evaporates all, the device switches itself off. The advantage of this type of humidifiers is sterile clean steam escaping into the room. Because by boiling the water all the germs die, and the salt and impurities are deposited in the form of scale on the walls of the tank, which is removed when cleaning the device.

Humidifiers hot steamIf you compare humidifiers hot steam humidifiers cold vapor, they are considered to be the most productive and faster than others saturate the air with moisture. Therefore, steam humidifiers require control by the user for humidity. Otherwise the room is very quickly reaching subtropical climate indicators with humidity close to 100%. From this it follows that when choosing a humidifier hot steam, the device must be equipped with built-in hygrometer and humidistat for automatic control of the humidification of the air in the room. If the climate control in the steam humidifier is present, a hygrometer and/or an external humidistat must be purchased separately. There are models programmable external humidistat, which, when combined with a steam humidifier can automatically control turning on and off the device, depending on the desired level of humidity.

Power humidifiers hot vapor is considered the most powerful, but because of their high efficiency due to quick hydration of the premises, connected to the mains they are for a short time, making the power consumption of such devices within reasonable limits.

Choosing a steam humidifier for baby room should take into consideration safety precautions when operating this appliance. As from the humidifier hot steam is discharged, it is necessary to completely eliminate even the most casual contact with the device. Especially if a small child who is just beginning to walk or crawl. Because of children’s curiosity kid might get hurt – burn your face or hands, which will serve close to running the humidifier. In addition, depending on the space available, it can rise the temperature by about 1-2°C.

Despite precautions that must be observed when operating the steam of hot steam, parents should not categorically refuse to buy such a device. The hot vapor humidifier will not only make the air comfortable in a nursery or any other room, but also will become a reliable assistant in the care of children or adults, especially with respiratory diseases, acting as an inhaler. Models these humidifiers are usually equipped with special containers for medicines. And you can go about your business, and the child is quietly playing and all will inhale the healing vapours which will produce a working humidifier. And all this, without exhausting breathing under the sheet over a pot of boiling water with brewed herbs.

Ultrasonic humidifier

Ultrasonic humidifiers can be called the most modern appliances for humidifying the air, as they are the most technically equipped with the automation of many functions. So, built-in hygrometer and humidistat such humidifiers as a rule, usual thing. The necessary level of humidity set by a user and embedded electronics, that is the required optimal humidity in the room will be regulated and maintained automatically. In addition, ultrasonic humidifiers may have functions such as the regulation intensity of the steam outlet, the silent function works at low speed, backlight panel with automatic switch off, remote control, auto power off when lack of water sensor and filter pollution. And ultrasonic humidifiers can have a built-in LCD display, which displays all the technical parameters of operation of the device.

Ultrasonic humidifierUltrasonic humidifiers have a high performance with minimum power consumption. High popularity among consumers for ultrasonic humidifiers due to their most effective work to humidify the air, which can be seen visually by swirling around the humidifier cold mist. The principle of operation of ultrasonic humidifiers is based on the transformation of water into dust using ultrasonic vibrations. The water in the evaporation chamber enters the membrane, which vibrates with high frequency and thus is crushed to the state of the water dust. Built-in fan the air is sucked from the room and humidified by passing through the obtained dust under pressure. Next, the resulting moist air is a mist produced from the humidifier into the room. Coming out of the humidifier moist air is the cool temperature, so it is absolutely safe for the environment. If there are small children, they will not receive any injuries and burns from the humidifier. Thanks to cold temperatures, moist air can slightly reduce the temperature indoors by several degrees.

One of the innovative developments in the manufacture of ultrasonic humidifiers, is the function of preheating the water to 80°C. This contributes to additional disinfection and purification of water vapor coming from the humidifier. In this case, the temperature of exhaust steam (fog) does not exceed 40°C, which is not dangerous for people and animals in case of accidental contact.

Advantages of ultrasonic humidifiers:

  • built-in humidistat allows you to adjust manually to the desired level of relative humidity in the room, automatically disabling and including the instrument to maintain humidity within the prescribed limits;
  • ultrasonic humidifier has an automatic switch off function when water tank is finished; -the level of relative humidity in ultrasonic humidifiers can be installed in a wide range from 40 to 70%;
  • some models of humidifiers is equipped with a rotating nozzle that allows you to direct escaping steam in all directions;
  • running the device has a very low noise level; when the most high efficiency humidification ultrasonic humidifiers consume the lowest amount of electricity.

To avoid subsidence of whitish coating on furniture, on glass and mirror surfaces from salts and impurities released during the conversion of the water in the humidifier, it is necessary in the device, pour distilled or purified boiled (cool) water, use a special water softening cartridges and keep the device clean.

Such qualities as compactness, original design, efficiency and high performance ultrasonic humidifier, make them most in-demand among all types of humidifiers. Ultrasonic humidifiers have a lot of positive feedback, and due to their advantages in the ratio “Price-Quality” are the most popular among buyers.

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

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