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Hurts ear in children

Very often, children, especially young children complain of ear pain. One cause of this pain can be different. It can be getting some sort of small object in the eye or water when bathing your child, even from the usual draught. Most often the ears kids, especially at the age of two to four years exposed to various infections, which are easily picked up after bathing, if it is good not to dry the ear of the child. Also slight inflammation of the ear may occur as side effects as a result of colds, even the lightest or adenoids.

In order to properly understand how much your child has an Earache, you need to listen to his complaints. If the baby is unable to speak, you need to look to him, he often behaves very capriciously, with strikes his ears or pulls them. As soon as you notice this behavior, it is advisable to consult a doctor for help, so as not to run the pain is in the ear of the child to a severe inflammation. And need to know that if you’re not going to do anything, the pain is in the ear of the child itself will not work.

What to do when the pain of an Earache in a child?

What to do when the pain of an Earache in a childHow can parents do if a child in the night he complained of severe pain in the ear, and call or visit the doctor there is no opportunity? If the pain is not strong then we can wait until morning, but, as a rule, ear pain comes quickly, painful and causes great suffering to the child.

In order to alleviate the pain in the ear of the child, many mothers are buried in the ear boric alcohol. But it is not necessary to do, since you can’t know if there is eardrum or not, and, burying boric alcohol, you can expose the child to various complications. In General, parents need to take note that to bury the child in the eye drops of the alcohol is not recommended without medical supervision.

If pain in the ear of the child’s urgent need, for example, at night, the very first using this hot compress. To make it simple, you need to take the gauze or cloth, folded it in five layers, and moistened in a mixture of water and vodka in equal proportions. Then lubricate the skin around the ear any baby cream or vaseline and apply pressed a napkin to his ear so that the Pinna and the ear canal were opened. Then on the pack to attach the cotton and secure it with a bandage and keep it up for about an hour. If you are unable to make a compress, still need to warm the ear.

Attach to an ear of the child a large piece of cotton and wrap top scarf. But one should also take into consideration that if your child has very high fever, or there is some purulent discharge from the ears, then these procedures can not be done.

And if your baby has a runny nose, you need to quickly cure, as it can also appear ear pain.

If after bathing still had pain in the ear, then it can be a little easier warmth. It is necessary to dial a bottle of hot water, wrap in towel and apply to the patient’s ear of the child, you can also apply a warm cloth or a little warm heating pad.

To relieve ear pain in a child will help cotton swabs soaked in alcohol. A cotton swab moistened in alcohol, wring out well and put the child in the ear, not deeply. You can still give the baby when severe pain is one of the painkillers ibufen or paracetamol. And at the first opportunity to consult a doctor who will help you choose the right treatment.

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