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Hydradenitis is purulent inflammation of apocrine glands. Apocrine glands located in the armpits, in the skin of the anal, groin, areola of the region. Sick with this disease, people of all races, but especially severe hydradenitis people of the Negroid race. Occurs with equal frequency in men and women.

Causes of hydradenitis

Hydradenitis – microbial pathology. Is caused most often by staphylococcaceae, streptococci. Aggravating factors are : microtrauma, in consequence of shaving, for example, reduced immunity, poor hygiene, diabetes mellitus, obesity…

Symptoms of hydradenitis

The most frequent localization is the axillary region. Much less groin, the areola. First, there restablishing node.

Symptoms of hydradenitisMoreover suffers from the General condition in the form of intoxication: fever, which may be higher than 38°C, headache, weakness. This point is very important to immediately consult a doctor. In this case, the dermatologist or surgeon. If not to treat or self-medicate, it can cause serious complications.

A very frequent error of people, it is possible that in this period begin applying heat by expanding the blood vessels and contributing to the spread of infection. Later appear fistula with purulent discharge and scarring.

Tests when hydradenitis

Differential diagnosis is done with the boil (when it has no purulent rod), carbuncle, lymphadenitis, venereal lymphogranuloma, donovanosis, lumpy.

Undressing You, Prealpina inflammation, the doctor will make a diagnosis. Obligatorily and blood sugar.

Treatment of hydradenitis

Treatment has been held strictly individually, based on the examination of the patient. If we see the stage of vospalenie (start of process) without pus – locally assigned ointments with antibiotics (tetracycline, erythromycin..), alcoholic solutions of aniline dyes (solution of brilliant green..), hydrogen peroxide, physical treatment (ultra-violet irradiation…).

Treatment of hydradenitisWhen suppurative stage – opening the hearth with its drainage. It should be noted that the operation is not complicated and should not be afraid of it. Otherwise the trouble can not be avoided. That is why it is important at the first symptoms consult doctor. In each case assigned to oral antibiotics (ciprofloxacin, azitrox).

During the active stage of the process is prohibited watering the area of inflammation. Excluded from the diet sweet, spicy, alcohol. After suffering has to exclude all the triggers that caused it ( the use of aftershaves, regulation of blood sugar).

Even in our 21st century are very commonly used and traditional methods of treatment of the has: attachment roasted onions on inflammation, a very popular Ichthyol “pellet”. Folk remedies can be used in initial, advanced stage. When you don’t need surgery. And be sure to help as the main methods of treatment.

Complications of hydradenitis

Hydradenitis is a profound defeat. Very high probability that the infection will spread inland through the lymphatic and krovenosnye vessels to all the organs and systems with a life-threatening condition sepsis (blood poisoning).

Prevention hydradenitis

Prevention has reduced to the observance of rules of personal hygiene, neat shave, use creams, aftershaves, treatment of chronic diseases.

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