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Hypertonicity in newborns

Hypertonicity of the newborn may occur due to increased activity of brain structures that affect muscle tone. This is due to the destruction of brain tissue of the fetus during pregnancy or during childbirth. Sometimes the cause of hypertonicity in the newborn becomes increased intracranial pressure or simply anxiety baby.

Symptoms of hypertonicity of the infant

For the newborn characterized fetal position, in which it is in the womb: arms bent, the Cams are at the level of the thorax, legs bent and slightly apart, head slightly thrown back. Even foot the kid keeps Crescent.

But after about three months of the muscles gradually relax. However, in some cases hypertonicity continues to be. This is the signal that the nervous system of a child is not all right.

Treatment of Hyper babies

Treatment of Hyper babiesAn experienced neurologist will find the crumbs hypertonicity already during the first visit, one month after his birth. In this case, we can’t wait. Toning not only indicates a lesion of brain structures. It leads to restriction of physical activity of the child and result in the formation of delayed motor and mental development of the baby.

To resolve hypertonicity in the newborn are applied massage, elements of physiotherapy, physiotherapy. In complex cases, the doctor may prescribe medications that lower the tone. But after the course you don’t notice improvements of your questions to the doctor should be more constructive. Ask him whether there is the need to strengthen the treatment and do not need to perform any additional study of the body of the baby.

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