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I am Pregnant or Not?

If there is suspicion of the presence of pregnancy and before the expected day of the beginning of the next menstrual period is still far, need to listen to your body to notice signs of pregnancy even before the delay of menstruation.

Early pregnancy signs

1. Soreness and swelling of mammary glands. This symptom is typical not only for pregnancy, but also is a component of premenstrual syndrome. There is a feeling of heaviness, soreness in the Breasts during a touch. Breasts can become bigger than usual.

2. Change of taste habits. Foods that previously caused no appetite, have now become the most favorite. The opposite happens when the only kind familiar to the everyday diet of a product disgusted. In some women, along with these changes, noted increased salivation.

3. Change of smell. During pregnancy may increase the susceptibility to odors. Often it concerns the sharp odors, such as perfume or tobacco smoke.

4. Nausea and vomiting. This symptom is the first sign of early toxicity. Nausea often occurs after meals, travelling or staying in a closed and poorly ventilated. For vomiting when morning sickness is typical morning, immediately after waking.

5. Changes in the nervous system. Always calm and friendly woman with a pregnancy can change dramatically, showing aggression towards others. Quite common for the behavior of the pregnant women are considered irrational episodes of crying or laughing, irritability and touchiness. All these mood swings say about the emotional instability of women, which is hormonal changes in the body.

6. Drowsiness, fatigue. Pregnant in the early stages literally asleep on my feet, not knowing what it can be connected. Many refer to changes in the weather or strenuous working life at work. A constant desire to lie down and sleep, the feeling of fatigue. Previously familiar things quickly tire and exhaust the woman.

7. Pigment spots on the skin. This symptom of pregnancy is individual and appears in some women, often the owners of dark hair and brown eyes. Areola of the nipples becomes darker, there is a dark band on the white line of the abdomen. Age spots also can appear on the face or other parts of the body.

8. A feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, the lumbar region. During pregnancy with fetal growth, the uterus also increases in size, which can cause soreness. A woman may feel nagging pains in the abdomen resembling menstrual pains. A feeling of heaviness in the lower back is most often localized in the sacrum, and appears when you change the position. In addition, in connection with the growing, uterus puts pressure on bladder and rectum, so a woman may note frequent urination, bloating and the appearance of constipation.

9. The increase in the number of allocations. During the hormonal changes during pregnancy, the amount of discharge from your vagina may increase. You need to remember that normal vaginal discharge should be clear and white and should not have an unpleasant odor.

If several of these symptoms, the woman has hoped that the pregnancy still occurred. In this case, to clarify, you can use a highly sensitive pregnancy test, which is effective from the first day of menstruation. Pregnancy test is available in almost every pharmacy or supermarket, however it is not always possible to buy it. In this case, to the aid of household methods to determine pregnancy at home.

Homemade methods to determine pregnancy

Measurement of basal temperature

Women who for a long time planned pregnancy, method of measurement of basal temperature (BT) is familiar. To determine the day of ovulation the basal temperature is measured over several months in the morning, not getting out of bed. While the day before ovulation BT will be in the range of 36.3-36.5 degrees, and after ovulation to the beginning of a new menstrual cycle BT will be above 37 degrees. To determine pregnancy you need to measure the basal temperature in the week from the first day of delay by the method described above. If BT will hold 37 or above, then the pregnancy.

Now, the definition of pregnancy is not difficult thanks to scientific progress. Half a century ago things were quite different. Women had to invent various methods by which it was possible to determine pregnancy. Some of these traditional methods is really reliable.

Definition of pregnancy by using iodine

Perhaps our grandmothers and great grandmothers knew very little about the physiological features of pregnancy, but that in the body of a pregnant something is going on, they knew. Because this method is based on the presence of female hormones in the urine in large quantity.

For the first method of determining pregnancy will require capacity that needs to be filled with urine of a pregnant. After that, add in the urine one drop of iodine. If the iodine dissolves, it means that the woman is not pregnant, but if a drop of iodine will remain in the surface of urine to await the imminent completion of the family.

The second method is using iodine a bit like a modern test strips to determine pregnancy. To do this, take a strip of paper and dip it in a bowl with the urine of a pregnant. Then you need to put on this strip of one drop of iodine and look at the resulting color. If the strip is colored blue, the probability of pregnancy is very low, but the staining of the paper in lilac or purple color confirms the presence of pregnancy.

To Determine pregnancy with the help of soda

Another way in which will need the urine of a pregnant. In a container with urine, you need to add one teaspoon of baking soda and watch the reaction: if the baking soda will sizzle, then pregnancy is not the time, and if the sediment will fall out – the woman is pregnant.

Boiling urine to determine pregnancy

This seemingly absurd method of determining pregnancy, has a right to exist. The essence of this method consists in boiling the urine in an iron pot, after which the urine is poured into a glass container. During pregnancy should appear a precipitate of white flakes. The fact is that during pregnancy there is a possibility of high blood pressure (BP), could increase the amount of protein in the urine, which when boiling is minimized. There are many diseases and conditions in which the protein content in the urine reaches high numbers, so this popular method is ineffective to determine pregnancy.

Fertilizer urine colors

This is a very old method, for which it is necessary to water the flowers in the urine of a pregnant woman. Morning and evening for three days, a woman collects all her urine and pours it flowers. If after three days, the flower garden becomes a healthy and beautiful appearance, the buds bloom, the leaves become more saturated color, then the woman will become a mother soon. If there are no changes or the flowers withered away – pregnancy is not.

Check the pulsation of the navel

For this you need to put your hand about 8 inches (four cross fingers) below the navel. It was believed that if you define a ripple, then a woman is pregnant. Most likely, women used to embrace this surge in heartbeat of their baby. Actually, it’s not the heartbeat and pulsation of blood vessels women, which is further enhanced by a good circulation of the pelvic organs during pregnancy.

Pregnancy dreams

Probably every woman even from an early age knows what a dream fish. Many pregnant women claim that long before the trip to the gynecologist had dreams, “water” character: they dreamed of ponds, rivers, sea in which they swam and swam, or how they catch and maybe even eat fish. Our grandmothers believed that the way nature prepares a woman mentally for future motherhood.

Definition of pregnancy by onion

This method is based on anything another, as on the “Female magic”. A woman who wants to know whether there is pregnancy, has to plant two bulbs in two different glass of water. One bulb means the presence of pregnancy, and the other its absence. The bulb, which will quickly grow to a height of 4 centimeters and will give the answer.

It should Not be forgotten that all the above definitions of pregnancy are not reliable. At the first signs of pregnancy you should consult a doctor to make the next nine months passed with no complications and is properly prepared women to welcome motherhood.

How would I know if I’m pregnant or not?

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