I can’t get pregnant – what to do?

How to get pregnant, if couples have regular intercourse, but the conception is still not happening? In order to understand this question, let us recall the female physiology and male.

Even in healthy, young women pregnancy may not occur after a year of sexual life without contraception. Why is this happening? It’s simple – a woman can become pregnant only during certain days of the menstrual cycle when ovulation occurs. That is, only 1-2 days per month can be effective in terms of the conception. And another year at least 2 cycles to be infertile when ovulation does not occur at all.

If women can’t get pregnant for more than 1 year, then the doctor prescribes both spouses full medical examination.

Most common causes of infertility

Most common causes of infertility

Most common causes of infertility

1. No ovulation. This can be caused by various pathologies. But let’s understand this with the doctors, and they consider the ways in which a woman can do yourself to determine the absence of ovulation.

a) With the help of the chart basal body temperature. Daily for several cycles it is necessary to measure the temperature in the rectum in the morning and the findings documented in a special plate, and then build the graph. Ovulation occurs approximately in the middle of the cycle, the graph is reflected as a sudden jump in temperature, the at least 0.4 degrees, that when the temperature rises above 37 degrees. The correct measurement is influenced by many factors. So, intimate relationship shortly before the measurement can cause an increase in rectal temperature, although the release of an egg was not, respectively’t get pregnant in “favorable” period.

b) With the help of test. Is there a test to determine pregnancy, and to determine ovulation. They look similar, but not similar to their reactions. The second responds to the increase of luteinizing hormone, which occurs a few hours before the release of the egg.

c) For various subjective symptomm Observant and sensitive ladies can notice in this day an unusual feeling or mild pain in the area of one of the ovaries, more abundant vaginal discharge, and in some cases even increase sexual desire.

g) ultrasound. But have to visit the ultrasound Cabinet several times. Quite expensive and for the money and time is obtained.

We can say that the most frequent answer to the question “why I can’t get pregnant” is – “there is no ovulation.

To increase the probability of pregnancy, make love every day, save your strength until the very auspicious day in the cycle.

2. Obstruction of the fallopian tube or both tubes. The fertilized egg due to adhesions in the pipe can not penetrate into the uterus and, in the best case it dies on the way to it, and at worst starts to develop in inappropriate body, and then comes an ectopic pregnancy is very dangerous pathology requiring surgical intervention. Causes of blocked fallopian tubes can be of different inflammatory processes, earlier surgery on the fallopian tubes, etc., In such cases, you need not ask why I can’t get pregnant, and to do everything in order to avoid ectopic pregnancy. If the doctor deems it necessary, you will need to dissect adhesions. Do laparoscopic method. After you can plan pregnancy.

3. Incompatibility of spouses. In fact, such concepts in medicine, but there are certain causes that are perceived infertile couples so. This pathology is associated with the immune system of the woman, as well as microflora of her vagina. Sometimes doctors cannot find the cause of infertility, as partners, in the case of the collapse of his couples can have children in other marriages (because of this and have any notion of the incompatibility of the spouses”).

The female body may reject the sperm as foreign organisms. In this case, the doctors prescribe the woman various medications to temporarily suppress the immune system.

In some cases, the sperm “kills” aggressive microflora of the vagina. To determine this feature by using samples of Shuvarskogo-Gunera, the result of which may clarify why I can’t get pregnant if the problem really is in this particular.

4. Male factor. Male infertility can also be caused by a number of reasons, but they all either lead to a decrease in the number of viable sperm or weak mobility. The hydrocele, varicocele, cryptorchidism (rare congenital disorder that is treated, usually in childhood) and mumps (mumps, tuberculosis, steroid hormones are just a few reasons that can cause infertility.

Long can’t get pregnant

Long can’t get pregnant

Long can’t get pregnant

In less serious cases, pregnancy can contribute various folk methods and herbal infusions.

1. Making love in the positions that are conducive to the deep penetration, preferably with raised hips women. Thus, the sperm will be more likely cervix, and their viability will be preserved longer if within 2-3 hours after intercourse, do not wash your genitals with soap.

2. Douche with baking soda. Is thus possible not only to rid of a yeast infection, but also to create a favorable environment for sperm. To douche advise for 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse.

3. Take decoction of three herbs, brewed separately. This upland uterus, sage and red brush. Data herb known for its ability to help treat various female diseases. Many women forums are dedicated to the treatment of these herbs. Regarding the “proper” accept recommendations vary. You can make a decoction by phases of the cycle. But rather will tell you that your gynecologist, if, of course, is a proponent of herbal medicine.

If I can’t get pregnant, and the results of medical examinations are not comforting, you can take drastic measures. Of course, you can adopt a child – orphanages are overcrowded. And you can try to conceive her with the help of modern medical technology. You can start with artificial insemination. The procedure is simple – seminal fluid is introduced to the woman in the clinical setting directly in the vagina. Thus the cervix reaches significantly more sperm than during intercourse and the probability of conception increases.

But how to get pregnant, if you are unable to conceive and thus? If it is not possible to conduct fertilization “standard” way, for example, women are absent or are in very poor condition of the fallopian tube, the doctors offer to spend the IVF procedure. Treatments are expensive and do not always give positive results at the first attempt. However, for many infertile couples is the only way to become parents. Conception takes place in the laboratory conditions, and then the fertilized egg, even a few for reliability, hooked directly into the uterus. In addition, doctors can be selected for replanting only genetically healthy cells (this is very important at greater risk of hereditary disease) and even desired gender.

If the woman has no opportunity for any medical condition itself to bear a child, you can use not selfless help of a surrogate mother. But it’s pretty risky, female, relation and biologically given birth your baby may refuse to hand it over, and the law is on her side.

To avoid such difficult decisions, do not pull a visit to the doctor, if I can’t get pregnant for more than 1 year. The earlier you start treatment, the better the efficiency.

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