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Ichthyosis — a disease with a genetic predisposition, characterized by disorder of keratinization of the skin. There are 2 forms of ichthyosis – normal and X-linked.

Symptoms of ichthyosis

Ordinary ichthyosis is inherited autosomal dominant. Develops not earlier than the first year of life. Among men and women ichthyosis occurs equally often. The disease is characterized by dryness and peeling of the skin, most pronounced on roshiba tive surfaces of the extremities. Folds are usually not of defeat, are. Marked dryness of the palms and soles with an accent, enhanced picture and recessed grooves, which gives them a senile appearance. Nails are not involved in the process and remain unchanged. There are many signs FDI (Increased Tendency to Allergies). With age, the disease is slightly improving.

X-linked ichthyosis recessive inherited, hence the disease occurs only in boys. Unlike ordinary ichthyosis may exist from birth, the scales are larger, brownish color; it affects the folds, neck, rear brake, but there are no changes on the palms and soles ; the process is more pronounced on the flexor surface of the interval values and on the abdomen; may be considerable flaking on the scalp. Often a clouding of the cornea, and hypogonadism( underdeveloped sexual organs and secondary sexual characteristics in connection with decreased secretion of sex hormones. ) ,cryptorchidism( the absence in the scrotum of one (monorchism) or both testicles, which is due to the delayed development of the embryo .) .

Treatment and prevention of ichthyosis

Symptoms and treatment of ichthyosis

The primary means of General therapy of ichthyosis is vitamin a, is prescribed in high doses over 2-3 months, repeated cycles (2-3 times a year), tigazon. It is recommended the combination of vitamin A with tocopherol acetate (especially aevitum). OS tablenum people assign obsecrate existing tools (drugs iron, phytin, etc.), y-globulin, anabolic steroids (retabolil). Shows the assignment of vitamin B12. Recommended thyroidin, give it 5-day cycle with a 2-3-day intervals during the month.

Useful frequent warm (38…39°C) bath, preferably with the addition of baking soda (50-100 g), milk ( 0.5 l), olive oil (1-2 tablespoons), salt (100-200 g). After that, the skin is definitely hydrating and nourishing cuticles ointments (creams), cream with vitamins, eg. radevic, f-99; cream containing 0.5-2% salicylic acid (due to the risk of intoxication this ointment should not be applied over large areas of the body, especially in children), cream with 5-10% urea; ultraviolet irradiation.

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