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Increase in body temperature more than 38 degrees every 1-3 days

Term: Recurrent fever

Fever with alternation of feverish and non-sporadic periods, the duration of which varies from one to several days.

Urgency: requires attention

Found 9 diseases with symptom body temperature Rise over 38 degrees every 1-3 days

possible refinements

body Temperature increased
body Temperature OVER 38 degrees

symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
Paralytic polio high 13-17
Lymphogranulomatosis high 9-12
Nonparalytic polio high 9-11
Meningococcemia high 4-5 + basic form
Cyclic (malaria) fever (syndrome) high 3-5
Yersiniosis (septic form) high 18-24
typhoid fever high 15-19
Omphalitis of a newborn with little or no bleeding high 10-13
Malaria high 9-11


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