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Increased muscle tone in children

Even in healthy newborn brain and peripheral nerves are still developing and do not always work fully. If the nervous system of the child has been subjected to any negative effects, health problems can not be avoided. According to medical statistics, nine out of ten infants have abnormal muscle tone and often upward – hypertonicity.



This violation is quite easily determined by numerous external features, while, ironically, the diagnosis of “hypertonicity” is not always the case, as even a healthy child in the first six months may be increased muscle tension.

Suspect hypertonicity in the case when the child is restless behaves, often crying ( crying trembling chin ), little and sleeps poorly, irritably responds even quiet sounds and soft light, constantly spit up after feeding, often throws his head back and arches.

Characteristic is a kind of posture during sleep: the baby’s head tilted back, arms and legs are drawn and held tightly to each other. If you try gently to separate them, you will feel significant resistance is encountered, and repeated attempts will cause increased resistance and loud crying.

To identify hypertonicity can and during wakefulness crumbs. To do this, take the baby under the arms, holding, put on a flat surface ( preferably on the table ) and slightly tilted forward. In this position the child in the first few months of life triggered innate reflex an automatic gait, that is, the baby starts to touch feet, like walking.

The healthy child sets foot on the whole foot, and the crumbs with increased muscle tone relies only on the fingers ( and my toes ). “Walk on tiptoe” is one of the classic diagnostic features of disorders of the nervous system and hypertonicity of the muscles.

Even if you find your baby the signs of increased muscle tone, this is not confirmation of diagnosis, without specialist-neurologist in this case is not enough. Only a doctor can confirm or refute diagnosis and prescribe an adequate treatment.


Hypertonicity of the child, increased muscle tone, the child capaccino important – in any case not be ignored even doubtful signs of hypertonicity. It is possible that further observation of the child’s condition will show that all the alarming symptoms were not a manifestation of the disease, as a consequence of the stress state of the baby, who felt uncomfortable during physical examination.

If diagnosed with high muscle tone has been confirmed, should be seriously engaged in the restoration of normal functioning of the nervous system. As a rule, the condition of Hypo – and hypertonicity is a sign of perinatal encephalopathy, and if you didn’t spend the necessary treatment, later it can lead to impaired speech and motor coordination, poor working limbs.

Actually the treatment of hypertonicity is nothing extremely difficult, especially when your child is small: a relaxing massage, medical gymnastics, soothing baths, aromatherapy and physiotherapy are quite capable of solving existing problems with health.

Do not attempt to self-medicate, even if the muscle tone in your child raised slightly. The correct treatment can be prescribed only by a doctor after talking with you and complete examination of the child, including the results of clinical studies and neurosonography. The key to successful treatment of hypertonicity should be a trust relationship of the mother and the doctor – without this quickly achieve the desired result is simply impossible.

You should fully trust your pediatrician, and he, in turn, is obliged to establish with you the full contact. If you for some reason do not trust this person ( even if the reasons for this dislike purely personal and subjective ) – it’s time to change doctors. In such a situation is more important than just the health of your baby, and your confidence that the doctor can help. So try to be mutually patient and careful you together solve one problem.

If muscle tone is increased, however, the General condition of this effect is not strong enough non-drug treatment. These soft methods include massage and gymnastics, herbal medicine and aquatherapy, vitamin and amino acid complexes and armaretta. It is very important under no circumstances not to interrupt the treatment, even if you think that the child’s condition has improved significantly, and the signs of hypertonicity disappeared.


Hypertonicity of the child, increased muscle tone, the child capacitary let’s talk about some features of treatment of hypertonicity in children. Many may seem odd to argue that any treatment that causes the child’s negative reaction, will not bring tangible benefits, however, as in the case of hypertonicity is exactly true.

If the massage, exercise or any procedures cause the baby to cry, to strain, it will lead to even more pronounced muscle tension and disorder of the nervous system. Therefore during treatment is very important to maintain a calm state of crumbs.

The easiest way to achieve this if you will be a doctor for his son or daughter. How? Can a person without medical training to carry out the treatment? It turns out, Yes. Not all, but very much Mama may ( under strict supervision of a neurologist and pediatrician ) to do this myself.

When it comes to the treatment of the newborn child, especially an important emotional component. Pipsqueak still do not understand that many unpleasant sensations have to endure for the sake of a speedy recovery. If the actions of the therapist cause pain and discomfort, the child immediately with indignation all about it “tells”.

Meanwhile, soft, gentle touch of her hands, giving warmth and affection, can lead to the same result as 20 minutes a full massage. So the main advice to all moms of kids with Hyper – go on courses of baby massage.

You will be able to determine the most appropriate time and mood of the baby for the next session, all your movements and reception will be accompanied by tenderness and gentle words. In this case, the baby will not be afraid of the unfamiliar surroundings, and touching other people’s hands will not cause gain already expressed hypertonicity.

Courses relaxing massage performed almost continuously ( with intervals of 4-5 days ) during the first year of life. Exercises and physical therapy are usually prescribed courses for 15-20 daily practice, followed by a break in 1-1,5 months.

During the “rest” basic gymnastic complex mother can perform yourself at home. This treatment is usually combined with daily soothing fitovinany before going to sleep, rational use of aromatherapy and other soft methods.

The main thing is not to despair, but not to let it take its course. Non-pharmacological methods in the treatment of hypertonicity is usually enough after a few months ( no later than 12-18 ) the child’s condition fully normalized and more there was no concern from parents.

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