Infections During Pregnancy

Today infectious diseases there is an incredible variety, and they all, unfortunately, able to pose a real danger to your fetus. To tell the truth, each of such infections to a greater or possibly lesser extent, but definitely can affect the course of pregnancy. Moreover, in the case of infection, the negative impact on the baby in the womb will depend on many common factors (for example, gestational age and immunity of the mother).

There are a number of pathogenic microorganisms, which can negatively affect future child only if there is some fact related factors (this is any disease, or the extremely unfavorable conditions of life, and even frequent stressful situations).

As you understand these issues in any case can not leave without a full and careful consideration, as do many of these infections can not only negatively affect the overall health of the baby, but unfortunately, generally abort the current pregnancy. In this article we will describe those infectious diseases that are most dangerous to a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

Infectious Diseases in Pregnancy


Rubella during pregnancyA disease like rubella is not dangerous for the life of the children and, unfortunately, it is extremely dangerous for women in condition of pregnancy. The disease is transmitted very quickly through airborne droplets. In that case, if the expectant mother gets sick of German measles, her future baby will not be able to avoid close contact with this infection. But the consequences of such contact can be very negative and even disastrous. This may be reducing the normal size of the brain of the unborn baby, and the changes of the eyeballs, and congenital cataracts, and various heart diseases, and even congenital deafness. It is also often a complications of the measles may become a variety of inflammatory diseases in the brain (encephalitis and meningoencephalitis, and, of course, meningitis).

I must say that in the case where the measles were able to penetrate into the body of a pregnant woman in the early period of the pregnancy, in most all cases there is a spontaneous miscarriage. But, as if a miscarriage did not occur, and the rubella virus was determined in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, it is absolute and a logical indication for termination of this pregnancy. In that case, when the infection occurs in the later stages of pregnancy, the probability of occurrence of congenital defects in the baby is still a bit below, and so each individual situation, doctors are considered separately and very carefully.


Chickenpox during pregnancyThis disease is the so-called purely children’s diseases. Because at a younger age, the disease is transferred easily and without any consequences. But in adults, on the contrary it is quite difficult. If chickenpox can be infected pregnant woman, and if she can move in pneumonia, then the risk of defeat of future child becomes very high. Moreover, in this situation, the longer the gestation, the more the disease is dangerous.

If a pregnant woman had contact with a sick person chickenpox, it is simply vital as soon as possible contact your doctor. This is the case when, the sooner the better. Your doctor will definitely guide you to be tested for antibodies to this virus. And if you find that in your body there are no antibodies to this disease such as chicken pox, you will need to enter do you need a specific immunoglobulin. And this must be done will not be later than three or four days after such contact with the sick person.

Cytomegalovirus infection

Cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancyThis infection lives directly in the organisms of unusually huge number of normal people. And really very many of us may be carriers of the virus and not even to guess and not know it condition. However, if the virus is initially present in the female body, such a woman becomes an unwitting carrier of the infection. However, the development of such diseases can only occur with a sharp decrease in immunity and, as a rule, be manifested by a sharp increase in body temperature, enlargement of many lymph nodes, sharp pain in muscles, and of course General weakness. Often such symptoms may be perceived as banal acute respiratory viral infection. However, if CMV infection has occurred, and even before pregnancy, in this case, in a woman’s body have time to produce antibodies so necessary to this disease. However, if infection occurred at a time when little was already in the womb, things could be much worse. It is in this case the mother is not, and can not be immune, and the infection is incredibly fast will be able to penetrate to the fruit.

During pregnancy diseases such as cytomegalovirus infection may well become the real cause and even spontaneous abortion or premature births, unless of course the pregnancy is quite big. In addition, this infection may cause fetal death of the baby. So often this infection can cause serious malformations of various organs of the future baby.

And of course for the treatment of such infections is usually used drugs, is able to significantly increase the body’s defenses, in other words, boosting the immune system. And some other treatment in this case was not provided by physicians.


Toxoplasmosis during pregnancyIn cases where in the house where it is expected the appearance of the baby, still lives and a cat, for pregnant women there may be a risk of getting such disease as toxoplasmosis. To tell the truth, do not lower risk of catching the infection and those people who live, say in rural areas, or those who daily eat meat, which was not strong enough to heat treatment. Moreover, this disease generally occurs in very severe form, only in those cases where, initially, immunity was significantly reduced. But in other cases, the disease may generally in no way occur. Actually this is the whole danger of this disease, because the infection for example a pregnant woman, which was not immediately noticed, every second of the cases can cause serious abnormalities in the development of the baby or even death.

In most all cases, toxoplasmosis can influence directly on the brain or spinal cord. And even if baby with such disease in the mother and are lucky enough to be born, that, unfortunately, is a very high probability of the presence of his various vices. Moreover, the defects can be very different, ranging from disorders of vision and hearing, and ending with serious delays in mental development of the child.

The treatment of this disease it is possible, but it may be not as informed the second trimester of the current pregnancy.

Next, a separate section would like to identify those infectious diseases that can be transmitted exclusively through sexual contact.


Chlamydia during pregnancySuch microorganisms as Chlamydia can get into the pregnant woman’s body is primarily sexually transmitted. And usually, contamination can occur even before the onset of current pregnancy (however, an exception may be cases where unprotected intercourse has been produced being pregnant and a completely new (already infected) partner). It should be noted that children of such mothers are most often born with very low weight, and also with sharply reduced immunity. And during the passage of the chips through the birth canal it is possible infection and respiratory tract. And of course in cases when the baby is still contracted, still developing in the womb, there is a serious risk of developing such diseases as pneumonia or inflammation of the membranes of the brain. In addition is often in infected newborns are diagnosed a variety of diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. About treatment of chlamydia in pregnancy described in more detail here.

And last the treatment of this disease can also be not earlier than the second trimester of pregnancy.


Herpes during pregnancyHerpes is the infection, which can be safely called one of the most dangerous for any pregnant women. And not so much for the woman, but for her unborn baby. And here that will be of value when it was initial infection: for example before or after the occurrence of an ongoing pregnancy. So, for example if the herpes virus first got into the woman’s body while carrying her baby, then clearly there’s a miscarriage or even intrauterine death of the fetus, and can also occur and to the development of many of the various vices of its development.

However, if a pregnant woman, no less than, a month before birth, was diagnosed with the herpes virus, the woman can offer delivery by caesarean section. Because that way it is possible to protect the baby from its real infection (of course, in that case, if this virus didn’t hit him earlier, even in utero). How to deal with herpes or how to treat it written here.

Mycoplasmosis and ureaplasmosis

Mycoplasmosis and ureaplasmosis during pregnancyJust note that in cases when a woman is healthy, or does it have a pretty strong immune system, then of course neither one of these infection it will definitely not terrible. However, only very little to decrease its protective forces organism, as these infections can be to “go on the offensive.” And most often, upon detection of mycoplasmosis ureaplasmosis or will be affected exactly the urogenital system of the woman. Of course, being in such “aggressive” state, these infections it is able to disrupt the normal course of pregnancy and by far the cause of its real complications. Such as you know is commonly attributed to premature termination of the pregnancy, and improper or insufficient placentation, polyhydramnios, and premature aging of the placenta or discharge of amniotic fluid, and even inflammation in the membranes of the fetus. Yes, and after birth such microorganisms as Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma it is able to provoke various serious complications in most women.


Syphilis during pregnancyJust note that in cases when syphilis is in the active stage, it could cause the most serious abnormalities in the fetus. These include deformation of the bones or teeth, and serious diseases of the nervous system or brain. Often there are also cases of stillbirth. Unfortunately, this disease almost impossible to cure during pregnancy. You can try to “pin down” his immune system. Actually that is why the disease doctors call chronic ongoing infectious disease. And in those cases where syphilis was diagnosed long before this pregnancy, and the woman was able to take the necessary measures, it really is likely that a woman can be born completely healthy baby.

Hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis B and C during pregnancyCritical infectious diseases, as a rule, represent a serious danger to the fetus. Because hepatitis these types of definitely immediately transferred to the baby, of course, if the mother has this disease manifested in an active form. However, if a woman is only a carrier of the virus, the probability of infecting her baby will only be approximately 5% at most. And, of course, the greatest and real danger to the baby hepatitis can present in the first trimester of pregnancy.


AIDS and HIV during pregnancyHIV infection is a chronic viral disease, with which usually fully affected, only the human immune system. And, of course, if you carry all the necessary and timely treatment, the risk of infecting the baby with this infection is very small – it is only 2%. But otherwise, without conducting timely and appropriate treatment, the chances of infecting the baby grow to almost 30%.

And what conclusion can be done after reading this? So, first, is that there are no absolutely safe or harmless infections. And secondly, that the time taken adequate measures can protect your future children from a dangerous infection. And thirdly, you need to live that way to think and act in order to be able, as to a lesser extent, to put himself (and, of course, their future baby) a real risk, because the risks of developing serious complications in pregnancy infected children is significantly higher.

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