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Infrared Thermometer

In recent years more and more popular starting to win infrared thermometers. What do they represent and how to use such devices?

What are the advantages of Infrared Thermometers?

The measurement of body temperature using this thermometer at the expense of a special sensing element that responds to infrared radiation of the body and reads information from it. The measurement results are displayed on the LCD. There is a new product on the market recently but has already managed to interest many buyers.

But, like any other similar device, the infrared thermometer has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Discussing the Advantages of new items include:

  • Temperature Measurement is very fast. The thermometer takes only a few seconds to show the result. The terms may be different, but usually no longer than 30 seconds
  • In a set with such a thermometer are interchangeable tips. They are very easy to separate, for example, to wash and disinfect. You can also purchase additional accessories
  • Convenient, these thermometers are non-contact, so with their help, you can easily measure your body temperature even for young children while they sleep. When this baby wakes up and won’t feel a thing;
  • In the composition is free of mercury and glass, so the device can be called as secure as possible;
  • As a contactless thermometer, it can measure not only body temperature but also water, air, etc.

But we should also mention some shortcomings of the infrared thermometer. Among them, the possibility of errors in measurement, the ability to injure the eardrum when using the ear model for the child, as well as the high cost of such products.

How accurately it measures the temperature?

As mentioned above, infrared thermometers have several drawbacks. Among them such significant, as the possible error in the measurement. The results turned out to be accurate, the patient should sit as evenly as possible and not move. It is quite difficult if the temperature is measured in the child.

Therefore, the producers initially warned customers that the possible accuracy of such a thermometer can turn out to 0.4 degrees. Quite significant for some cases. Fear of error costs if the patient turns and moves in the process temperature measurement.

Types of Infrared Thermometers

Nowadays there are several kinds of infrared thermometers. This:

  • Ear thermometer
  • Frontal thermometer
  • Non-contact thermometer.

As the name suggests the ear is already clear that it is intended to measure body temperature via the ear canal. Acquiring this type of thermometer, you should pay attention to complete with him went soft disposable tips. Some manufacturers complement their products once a set of such extras. They not only provide protection to the membrane of the measuring tip, but also prevent damage to the tympanic membranes of children and adults.

Types of infrared thermometersIt is important to add that inaccurate result such devices is given in case the patient is suffering from inflammation of the middle ear. In such a situation it is better to use a thermometer of a different type.

The frontal model allows for this measurement, only slightly touching the skin on the forehead or the temples. Immediately after that, the display should appear the testimony.

Non-contact thermometer ideal for measuring body temperature in newborns. If you do it in your sleep, the baby won’t have to wake up and get the measurement as accurate as possible. The results appear on the screen after a couple seconds. To touch the patient does not require, a thermometer next to the temporal lobe at a distance of about 2 centimeters. This device is sufficient for reading the necessary information.

This type of thermometer can be used to measure the temperature of water or food, so as to immerse it in the liquid or the dish will be required.

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