Pregnancy test

Inkjet pregnancy test

Among all home tests for diagnosis of pregnancy, the most reliable and quality are jet tests. They are tests of the third generation.

Rates on these tests range from 3 to 8 dollars. This is higher than the price of the test strips. However, inkjet test is the most reliable. In addition, even striking the second bar indicates pregnancy. As jet tests are highly sensitive, they can do morning and night, which is very important for the impatient women. But the morning, still remains in first place in this case.

Inkjet pregnancy testIn addition to high sensitivity, the advantages of this test is its simplicity and hygiene. The design allows you to do a test without urine collection. Therefore, this test gives convenience in use. To carry out the procedure, you need the end of the test substitute under a stream of urine. Then after a couple of minutes, you can evaluate the result.

As it happens? The rod test has a fibrous structure. It analyzes the fluid. Therefore, if in the urine of women is HCG test will show two bars, which indicate the presence of pregnancy.

Today there are so many different inkjet tests. A wide range of manufacturers allows you to buy a quality test for a small price at any pharmacy. Here is the name of some jet tests: Evitest Perfect, Test for the Best, Happy Test, My secret, Duet, HomeTest, Frautest.

However, a wide range of inkjet tests and their maximum accuracy, you still go on reception to the gynecologist, because there are many reasons due to which the test shows a false result.

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