Insomnia and Pregnancy

Problems with snow a very common phenomenon during beremennsti. Many women insomnia begins in the first trimestriellement. In the mind of the expectant mother a lot of thoughts that can’t sleep because she can’t find a comfortable position, tossing and turning, in the second trimester begins to interfere with the growing belly, and the third to sleep interfere with thoughts about the upcoming birth. How can you sleep? To beat insomnia during pregnancy, you need to install its causes and eliminate them on their own and with the help of experts.

Causes of Insomnia

To insomnia at the earliest time can lead hormonal changes in a woman’s body:

for example, during pregnancy, increased levels of progesterone and several other hormones. Mobilizing forces to pregnancy, they however lead the body into a state of “alert” and sometimes simply do not give to relax.

With the increase of gestational age, reasons for insomnia is increasing.

Physiological causes of insomnia:

  • difficulty in finding a comfortable posture (the increased weight and belly grew very impede the process);
  • back pain and lower back;
  • quickening;
  • frequent night urination (expanded uterus presses on the bladder, now it requires emptying more often);
  • heartburn (disorders of the gastrointestinal tract is characteristic of pregnancy);
  • seizures (especially pregnant women often complain of leg cramps);
  • itching in the abdomen due to the stretching of the skin;
  • shortness of breath (increased body weight makes breathing difficult, in addition, the uterus puts pressure on the lungs).

Psychological causes of insomnia:

  • chronic fatigue;
  • nervous tension, stress (fear of upcoming changes, anxiety for the child, fear of childbirth);
  • nightmares.

Any of these reasons would be enough to deprive a woman of sleep, and most of all they are still together!

How to deal with insomnia?

Of the following tips try to choose only what is suitable to your circumstance, they like you personally. If a recommendation does not help, try another. Every situation is different, every woman needs to choose his method, his combination of techniques.


  • Avoid overexertion. Accumulated fatigue during the day does not always lead to sound sleep, sometimes it turns out that after a hard day you just can’t relax.
  • In case you have used some time to sleep, try to quit or at least reduce the daytime NAP – maybe a night sleep will be restored.
  • If you are plagued by nightmares , which you then can’t forget a morning or afternoon talk about them with a close person (husband, mother, friend). Analysts believe the discussion of night dreams is a very effective means of overcoming fear of them: first, the close will try to reassure you, and most likely they will succeed, and secondly, bringing words tormenting you with vague visions, you’ll discover that specific reason for fear.
  • During the day, find time and opportunity to perform simple exercises that you can do. Very useful is swimming, Hiking and even dancing (in the latter case, of course, it all depends on the pregnancy and your health).Your body must get used to the fact that the bed is only for sleep wean from the habit of lying in bed should not be lying down to read, watch TV, etc.
  • Night two hours before bedtime, start the preparations for the upcoming night was calm and peaceful.
    Specialists say about sleep hygiene, which includes a number of activities:
  • Don’t eat heavy meals just before sleep on a full stomach you will toss and turn until morning.
  • Do Not assign to an evening of business, requiring physical and intellectual effort.
  • Avoid emotional tension and stressful situations during this period of the day (do not schedule for the evening unpleasant conversations and turbulent explanations, ask relatives and friends not to call you in the evening and, of course, do not look at the night fighters and thrillers).
  • Take before bedtime a warm bath or shower. In the bath can add a decoction of chamomile or a few drops of any aromatic oil (e.g., lavender) – this will help you to relax.
  • Try to drink less in the evening (making sure that the total daily fluid intake was 6 to 8 glasses), it will help you to cope with this cause insomnia, as the need for frequent emptying of the bladder.
  • Before going to bed, drink a Cup of warm milk (if you don’t like the taste of milk, you can add cinnamon, a little honey or sugar) or tea from herbs (in this case, often recommend chamomile has a relaxing effect).
    But from a regular tonic tea (not to mention the coffee!) you need to drop.
    By the Way, milk contains tryptophan, which can be called a mild natural sedative is a substance has a calming, sedative effect.
  • You Can eat before bed a small sandwich with cooked Turkey (meat of this bird is also rich in tryptophan).
  • In the evening If you feel weak, dizzy, your heartbeat quickens, perhaps the reason for your insomnia – hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). In this case, you can help the sweet tea, juice or just sugar (and be sure to tell about these symptoms to the doctor to get it confirmed or denied this diagnosis, and took appropriate action).
  • Before bed apply the abdominal skin lotion, it can inhibit the itch.
  • Ask the husband or someone close to you before going to bed to make you a massage: it will give an opportunity to relax, relieve pain in the back and waist, massage feet and ankle joints will help to avoid cramps. May be effective acupressure and shiatsu, if someone in your family owns his technique, why not try.
  • It is possible that the struggle with insomnia will have the specialist properly chosen homeopathic remedies.
  • Someone to sleep will help… sex. If you have no medical contraindications to having sex, you feel the urge and know that usually after sex you are sleepy, why not?

But completed the nightly ritual of preparing to sleep, and you are in bed. What to do the night that you flew coveted dream?


  • First of all – try not to worry, not to think about that will not be able to sleep, it will only worsen the situation.
  • The bedroom should be cool (however, it is necessary to avoid hypothermia feet – you can sleep in socks). If you can not sleep with an open window, should be well aired before going to bed.
  • Night wear (shirts, pajamas) should be comfortable, made of natural materials, not constraining movements and breathing.
  • Is best to sleep on the comfortable mattress. Find out what suits you – maybe a feather bed may be a raised mattress surface resembling egg cartons for egg transport, and can, on the contrary, it will be easier to sleep on a hard surface, and you just need to put under the mattress Board.
  • A Pregnant woman to sleep, you need multiple pillow (at least 3) different shape and size. Well, if you manage to purchase a special pillow for pregnant women – it is wedge-shaped and specially designed to put her under belly. After birth, you can use it during feeding. Pillows can be placed under the side, under the neck, clamped between the legs; you can cover the whole mattress and pillows – this improved bed is better shape of your body. You can put an extra pillow under your head – in some cases, this not only facilitates breathing, but is effective against heartburn.

Search for a comfortable position, in which you would be able to sleep.Can’t sleep on my stomach and back – so will have to lie on your side (some doctors believe that it is better on the left so increases blood flow to the uterus). Put one pillow under your stomach, hold the other between your knees if you have back pain and lower back can tuck another pillow under the side. Sometimes women are advised to sleep in the fetal position (no need to remind you how much it is physiological, I can only say that, stimulating blood circulation, it promotes maximum relaxation of all the muscles).

remember, However, that in the last months of pregnancy is not recommended to sleep on your back since the heavy uterus may pinch inferior Vena cava, which runs along the spine. This is the cause of loss of consciousness in the pregnant and oxygen starvation of the child.

  • When you feel the approach of sleep, try to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • It is possible that you will help aromatherapy. A drop of lavender oil can be useful not only in bath but also in bed.

If you cannot fall asleep within half an hour, arise, and go into the other room, flip through a magazine or read a book that could inspire a dream start to knit, listen to soothing music and go to bed only when you feel the approach of sleep.

Ambien during pregnancy

Hypnotics, like most other drugs, in your position it is better not to apply. Doctors strongly insist that it is impossible to resort to sleeping pills in the first trimester of pregnancy, when there is an active formation of the tissues of the embryo, and in the future is unlikely to recommend without serious enough reason to take such drugs.

What not to do during insomnia?

In any case – remember: under no circumstances do not take independent decisions on the use of sleeping pills! Even if before pregnancy you to it had resorted. Even if he saw your pregnant girlfriend. Even if you advised his compassionate saleswoman from the pharmacy. The decision to use sleeping pills can accept only a doctor!

Pregnancy Insomnia

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