Iodized Salt

Iodized Salt is a salt for kitchen use, enriched with a highly regulated amount of iodine-containing salts. In accordance with the food standards salt may contain in its composition of only potassium Iodate , although many manufacturers used for the treatment of salt iodic potassium, a chemical compound with totally different qualities and properties.

Salt can be considered the only edible mineral used by man for culinary purposes since ancient times. Primitive ancestors of Homo sapiens have noticed, with what pleasure lick protruding from the water white Islands of various animals, and use the expertise of the animal world to their own way of eating. And since then Sol has become a constant companion of our society. It was used as seasoning, and as a bargaining chip, and even as a magical and mystical substance possessing various other qualities.

Same boiled Iodized salt was used in connection with the study of the phenomenon of iodine deficiency of the population in various parts of the globe. add the iodine-containing additives is due to the uneven distribution of natural iodine content of food. Of course close to the sea and the ocean lands, and the iodine contained in sufficient quantities in various plant and animal products. The more remote regions suffer, as a rule, a low content of this element, which is necessary for proper mental and physical development. Therefore, there was launched the mechanism of enrichment of this mineral common salt to fill the deficit of iodine in the diet of the population.

Now enriched with useful item, the product can be seen on the shelves of any store, and photos of edible salt iodized occur not only in medical journals, and in ordinary cookbooks.

Useful properties of iodized salt

Useful properties of iodized salt lies in its unique chemical composition. That is why from the very beginning of the emergence of this product it was considered enough that safe, and extremely nutritious.

Iodine is a very important trace mineral reserve which must be replenished regularly. In connection with the reduction of natural food in the diet of modern man, the natural way to implement this process fails. And iodine deficiency is very dangerous for the body. Permanent lack of this element can lead to different serious diseases of the thyroid gland, the digestive system and can even affect the intellectual development of several generations in a row. Iodized salt can be a wonderful solution to this problem. Of course, the content of iodine in this product is minimal, but the positive quality is the accumulation (iodine tends to accumulate in the body). So, if you enable this seasonings to your permanent diet, it is possible to completely solve the problem of iodine deficiency.

In addition, salt as a food item retains water in the body, thus supplying nutrients through the membrane of our cells. This Supplement calms the nervous system, kills harmful bacteria in the digestive tract and is a major component for the production of hydrochloric acid.

Use in cooking

The use of iodized salt in cooking is extensive. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that currently there are several types of this product depending on its production and production technology:

  • Stone, common iodized salt is unpurified or purified common salt, which is artificially enriched with appropriate additives.
  • Sea salt, which is obtained by evaporation of ordinary sea water, followed by purification. This product does not contain artificial chemical compounds and can be a source of a wide list of useful minerals .
  • Black – crude product very rich in various trace elements composition.
  • Dietary – obtained by laboratory studies of dietary salt contains in its composition is lower compared to other types of the amount of sodium, but to a greater extent has calcium and magnesium.

For food according to the culinary needs it’s best to use a table and sea salt iodized.

According to research no living creature can do without salt for more than three weeks. That is why such great importance in cooking taking this Supplement. Furthermore, unsalted dishes become tasteless and insipid. And this, of course, adds to the appetite of the Diners.

This files most often regarding this product the next question is: “Can salt iodized salt foods in the cooking process?”. The answer is very simple! Of course I can. To use iodized salt valid in any kind of cooking at any stage.

Types of iodized salt:

  • Coarse – this type is used for the preparation of first courses, as well as brines and marinades.
  • Middle ground is the perfect component meals ismeca , fish and poultry.
  • Finely ground – which is also called salad. This type is used for filling a variety of cold and already prepared dishes and for serving.

Modern special technology of enrichment by iodine of salt allows him to break down during heat treatment, which means you will fully get the whole laid down in this seasoning use.

Use of iodized salt for canning foods

Canned iodized salt. The fact that at the beginning of the emergence of this product on the market, the technology of enrichment by iodine was used sodium thiosulfate. He had the ability to change the appearance of any product designed for long-term storage, and the blackened, shriveled tomatoes with cucumbers caused their appearance doubts concerning the possibility of eating them.

Modern manufacturing has changed. The use of iodized salt for pickling products, marinades and smoked perfectly safe. Sleep and juice products suitable deconservation iodized salt is identical to the list of products that are intended for preservation of conventional rock salt extra. So if you have any question: “Can you pickle iodized salt?”, then, without hesitation, feel free to prepare this delicacy, in order to subsequently enjoy the delicious sandwiches .

Use of iodized salt and treatment of diseases

The use of this type of salt for human health is its medicinal effects on the body deficient of this trace element such as iodine. Thus, the positive impact the product has on the thyroid gland, which is more just and suffers from a lack of the above mentioned elements.

In order to fully assess the use of iodized salt we offer you to familiarize yourself with the basic deficiency symptoms of iodine:

  • nails;
  • hair loss ;
  • dryness of the skin;
  • drowsiness;
  • fatigue

Given the above symptoms, the introduction of iodized salt in the diet as a permanent component, this seasonings in itself can be regarded as a medical procedure.

In addition, medicine is still a huge number of different ways to use iodized salt for the solution of health problems and strengthen already applicable an example a few of these treatment recipes :

  • After surgery to remove the inflamed Appendix is used iodotoluene compresses to reduce swelling in the operable region, to accelerate healing of the incision and to prevent suppuration.
  • Bandage soaked in a solvent rum of this product and imposed on the forehead and neck to reduce headache.
  • Warm compress by using a strong solution of iodized salt can relieve the cough with SARS and influenza, will serve as this procedure is a wonderful way for better sputum discharge (so-called expectorant effect).
  • Sore throat with angina can cure rinse with a weak solution of this mineral.
  • If you receive a mild burn, for example, accidentally touched a hot skillet, then perfectly cured the damaged place can salt bandage.
  • Bath with iodized salt will help you deal with skin irritations and rashes.

And these are just a few examples of the use of iodized salt for medicinal purposes. As you can see, this universal tool would have to be in the Arsenal of every housewife.

Iodized salt in cosmetology

The use of iodized saltIodized salt in cosmetology is of great importance. However, it is worth considering that the use for these purposes it is best not food, and sea salt. Because the healing properties of this product are known to mankind since ancient times. He is able to improve the elasticity of the skin, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, moreover, this salt is able to significantly strengthen the main components of beauty of every woman with hair and nails.

In order to verify the validity of the above, it is sufficient to apply some of the following beauty recipes, and the result will not take long in coming:

  • Ideal iodized salt for baths, with incredible properties for the skin of the body. So, dissolve in the bath three cups of sea salt and take it for half an hour. If you regularly carry out this procedure, very soon your skin will become more supple and elastic, leaving a different kind of irritation and bumps, and pores will be cleansed.
  • Homemade soap with sea salt will allow you to forget about the problems with the skin. The bold type will cease to bother you with greasy luster, black spots will disappear like magic. A dry, grey skin filled with glow, ceasing to torment you with the tightness and dehydration. For the production of this almost magical tool should be ground on a small grater an ordinary piece of children’s soap, pour one measuring Cup of distilled water and put on low heat When the water has evaporated completely, add the soap solution of one teaspoon of borax pharmacy and treat the resulting mass with a mixer. Then stir in four tablespoons of iodized sea salt. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and pour the mass in the molds. When the soap hardens, you can use it for washing.
  • Lotion for oily cleanse your skin, freeing you from the boring black dots, without disturbing the natural fat layer. And to fully benefit from this product must be mixed in equal parts vodka and glycerin. One glass of this composition mixed with two teaspoons of salt. To use this lotion twice a day, soaked in the treating it with a cotton pad cleaned of makeup and dirt face.
  • Dry skin also can get the maximum benefit from sea salt enriched with iodine in a nourishing and moisturizing lotion. to prepare dilute this in a glass of birch juice one spoon of honey . Stir in a teaspoon of marine product, strain and use every day.
  • Even in the fight with the hated “orange peel sea salt can be your best ally. This should take a warm bath, and then pour on a sponge or loofah half a Cup of salt medium or fine grind and grind thoroughly “problem” areas within fifteen minutes. To get the result repeat the procedure twice a week.
  • Your hair will be grateful for the following recipe: grind in a blender until mushy state one banana and two tablespoons of sea salt. And then apply on the head. Wrap your hair with foil and a towel and soak one hour. Then rinse with warm water with a mild shampoo.
  • Salt bath with iodinated product will return your nails strength, strength, and Shine. Just enough every night to dip your toes into a warm strong solution of salt.

Damage to food iodized salt and contraindications

Harm iodized salt is a healthy person, usually brings. However, there are situations where contraindications to the use of this product are the following diseases:

  • thyroid cancer;
  • tuberculosis;
  • abrasions;
  • increased thyroid function;
  • kidney disease;
  • chronic pyoderma;
  • hemorrhagic diathesis.

If you do not treat people suffering from any of the above mentioned diseases, then this product harm will not bring. But remember, iodized version, unlike ordinary table salt, has a shelf life and during storage should observe the right conditions, such as to protect the product from direct sunlight and keep in a tightly sealed container.

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