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IQ Percentile Calculator

IQ Percentile Calculator

The IQ percentile calculator lets you find out what percentage of people score lower than you in the IQ test scales. IQ, a measure of fluid intelligence, is known to be the best predictor of academic and occupational success, especially in cognitively demanding disciplines, which is why finding your IQ can help you when making decisions about your career.

The percentile of a score is the percentage of people who score equal to or below the score. For example:

  • an IQ score of 70 is in the 2nd percentile (for SD = 15), which means that only 2% of people score 70 or lower.
  • IQ 125 is at the 95th percentile – 95% of people have an IQ equal to or less than 125. This means 5% of the population score higher.

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