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Is it possible to get pregnant when you have an IUD?

Many women are interested in the question, and whether they will be able to get pregnant if contraception will choose intrauterine devices. The answer to this question there is only one – Yes, you can. 100% guarantee against pregnancy gives no contraception, including uterine spiral. And pregnant with her women in one case out of 100 set of spirals.

The intrauterine device or IUD is a specially designed device that prevents implantation of a fertilized egg (ovum) in the endometrium of the uterus. Why when installed spiral sometimes pregnancy?

Often pregnancy occurs when the spiral is incorrectly installed or if she half fell out of the uterine cavity. That’s why need to install a spiral only well-known brands, only experienced gynecologist, and most importantly – once in 6 months to attend antenatal clinic in order to ensure that the spiral in place.

But sometimes it also happens that the pregnancy and when properly located spiral. This is especially true in the first year after installing the Navy. So whenever even a slight delay Your period, you should definitely buy a pregnancy test or visit the antenatal clinic.

Intrauterine devices and birth

Very often the pregnancy in the presence of the spiral ends in miscarriage. This is due to the fact that increasing the fertilized egg at some point rests on the spiral and its further growth impossible. Most often this happens up to 6 weeks of pregnancy. But sometimes it also happens that the pregnancy goes on and on. And then there is a strong likelihood that the child may be born with spiral that has grown, for example, in the head or in the hand.

If a woman wants to continue the pregnancy, which occurred in the presence of intrauterine devices, IUDs, you can try to delete. However, such attempts very often ends in miscarriage, which occurs a few days after removal of the spiral.

Intrauterine devices and birthVery often the pregnancy, which occurred when intrauterine device, is interrupted. This is probably the best way to maintain the health of the woman and not to have a baby with a deformity.

But sometimes the woman is still able to carry the pregnancy to the end and give birth to a perfectly healthy baby. After childbirth a woman again puts the spiral, and after some time again it happens pregnancy. This strange feature of the body that simply cannot be explained by any science. So, after pregnancy with intrauterine spiral should consider another method of contraception such as hormonal. Although the hormonal contraceptive pill also 100% does not protect against pregnancy.

In order to protect themselves from pregnancy in the presence of the spiral, you need to choose the IUD only trusted manufacturers and only after consulting a doctor. The coil should have good reviews from other women, individual packing, and buying it only in the pharmacy. To install intrauterine devices have a gynecologist. Only at observance of all these rules, you can prevent pregnancy in the presence of a helix in the uterus.

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