Dermatology - diseases of the skin

Itching of the skin

Itching is a symptom of many skin diseases:

Causes of itching without skin manifestations may be, and common diseases:

  • endocrine diseases: diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism
  • liver or kidney failure
  • blood diseases: iron deficiency anemia, etc.
  • malignant neoplasm : lymphoma, retikulez
  • psycho-neurological causes: anxiety, parasitophobia
  • tropical helminths(parasites): filariasis, hookworm disease
  • some drugs
  • dry skin(very common in the elderly, one reason for this is dehydration)

Medicines for itchingIf You are concerned about itching, no matter whether You have skin changes or not , and are recommended to next examination to find the cause of an itch:

  • common blood test and ESR
  • biochemical analysis of blood
  • urine analysis
  • fecal occult blood and helminths
  • blood test for sugar
  • scrape ( when you take to analyze the particles of the surface layer ) of the skin on mushrooms

Treatment should be directed at the cause of itching.

Medicines for itching

– pills for itching (they are called antihistamines, which are divided into sedating (this pills old generation, of such tablets want to sleep, usually prescribed at night because during sleep the person can’t control it and can be severe scratching) and sedatives (drugs of the new generation, they don’t want, focus and concentration, they do not reduce, you can sit quietly for drive)

– topically used ointments, lotions, magmas,aerosols which may contain anesthetics (substance reduces itch, eg. menthol has a cooling effect)

– or containing zinc, which not only relieves itching, but also has antimicrobial activity

– or contains hormones and reduce itching, swelling, and inflammation (but use hormonal agents only on prescription(!))

And one more fact, than people are more emotional, the more pronounced itching, so sedatives are very helpful: teas, pills, and herbs fees. If you have dry skin use a moisturizer ( Atoderm p. O. Zinc, Balneum, Lipikar, etc.)

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