Joint childbirth – to give birth with her husband or mother?

Every year an increasing number of fans of the partner childbirth. Mom and dad save the most gentle and tender memories of such an important life event. But arguments “for” and “against” the partner childbirth all the rage. What’s the matter?

Give birth to one or with a partner?

Needless to say, this is, first and foremost, the husband of the mother (read the article about childbirth with her husband). But partner leave may also be a mother, friend, sister and even personal psychologist.

Mother is the most deeply suffering and emotional partner in childbirth. Mother is much stronger and brighter perceives the suffering of their child. And after a hard picture when my daughter cries out in labor and in pain, mothers are taken away by ambulance with a heart attack right from the hospital.

A girlfriend is not so scary, but her reaction is also impossible to predict. And on the emotional state of the girlfriend childbirth can affect adversely the girl just does not want to give birth to not feel those pains, which are seen from the side.

To give birth together with a personal psychologist is very possible, and this phenomenon is quite common. Most importantly, to the time of birth between a psychologist and a pregnant woman has developed a friendly relationship of trust, otherwise the whole process of childbirth will turn into a scandal.

Husband is the most peaceful and reliable partner at birth, which is not so scary. Its main task is the maintenance of a favorable psychological environment, using and taking care of his wife. And yet, should carefully consider the presence at birth of the spouse.

Why do some oppose birth partner?

Firstly, this may be due to unfavorable conditions in the family, with the tense relations between spouses. Such a childbirth partnership will be pretty hard and with scandals.

Secondly, the male psyche is quite unpredictable. And, if the spouse is not ready for such tests, it will easily fall into a swoon at the sight of the colorful paintings of ancestral house.

Thirdly, there is an opinion that the man who saw the suffering of his beloved, will not be able to love a child. Because the child was the cause of all these torments. As well as expectant mothers care and intimate side of life after the baby is born. They are controlled by fear that men will no longer look at them as women.

Despite this prejudice, some couples still hesitant on joint birth. And then they begin to prepare together for this event. The most important thing is to help the spouse to overcome fear. For this you need to read special literature about pre-Natal development of the child, watch educational films about childbirth, constantly communicate on this theme. Because a positive attitude is 90% of success in any business!

What should the partner at birth?

At the initial stage is to measure the frequency of contractions, try to reassure the woman to breathe correctly together with the woman to massage the sacrum wife.
At the stage of birth of the child to direct the breath of births, to help take a comfortable position during the undertakings, hold your hand, wipe sweat, under the supervision of a midwife cut the umbilical cord and take the child in his arms first.
At the last stage (the expulsion of the placenta) is a partner makes the first photo or video of your baby, congratulates the mother, thanked the staff.

Every family, of course, makes the choice to give birth alone or with a partner. And please weigh all the “pros” and “against” in order to avoid unpleasant moments.

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