Kefir or Yogurt Diet

Kefir (yogurt) diet is based on the use of yogurt instead of the main meals, because in its proteins, fats, and carbohydrates perfectly balanced. The diet can be also added cucumbers or apples…

Kefir (yogurt) diet is not only useful from the point of view of effective weight loss. This beverage is easy to digest and good for the digestive system due to the content of beneficial bacteria. Kefir is a natural product and is obtained from skim milk by fermentation technology. That is why it is digestion of the body spends less energy, and all the useful vitamins it contained, also absorbed in full.

Yogurt diet is also one of the most satisfying. That is, after a glass of kefir the feeling of hunger disappears, despite the low caloric content of this product, which is very important in any diet system. Therefore, replacing other foods in the diet these “magical” drink, your body starts burning its own fat deposits. This kefir diet, even according to doctors is the most well-balanced diet system. During it, you can follow a few food options.

Kefir (Yogurt) Diet – Nutrition

Kefir diet - nutritionThe first option – you sit only on one yogurt. The second option is easier – you add to the diet of apples or cucumbers, and then it is kefir-Apple or cucumber-kefir diet. The calories in these foods a little, but carbohydrates and fiber enough the body more easily endured hard mode dietary restrictions. More:

Cucumber-kefir diet

Yogurt-cucumber diet – a novelty in the power supply system for weight loss. In your diet are cucumbers and yogurt, low-fat, prepared as a cocktail, according to the following recipe: cucumber on a small grater, pour kefir, stir. This cocktail will be your food for five days. The total number of yogurt, consumed daily should be 1.5 liters, cucumbers should be 1.5 kg Yogurt-cucumber diet not only has a positive effect on digestion but also has a diuretic effect – in fact in cucumbers contained potassium and sodium, which accelerate the process of withdrawal of fluid from the body. Yes, and the cucumber is 90% water. So, after sitting on a yogurt-cucumber diet 5 days, you will clean your body from toxins. According to reviews, the diet is not difficult and is transferred in a day, you can lose up to six pounds of weight. But it is not suitable for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Kefir-apple diet

Kefir-the Apple diet – another modification of the classical version of the diet. It is quite hard and so effective. If you soak it in 9 days, you can lose up to 8 pounds, but misusing it is not worth it. Diet this diet consists of only apples and low-fat yogurt. This combination was not chosen randomly. After all, yogurt and apples cause stomach acidity, thus, gastric juice is secreted when digesting different acidity and neutralizes itself. The power of kefir-Apple diet is the following: in the first three days, you are drinking a half liter of kefir every day, splitting it into 4-5 equal portions. Then three days you every day to eat 1.5 kg of apples daily. And again, for three days, return to the use of yogurt.

Due to the longer period extended to 9 days, many physicians oppose kefir-Apple diet, stick to for so long unbalanced diet they are not recommended. If you still have the power for such a long dietary restrictions, be sure to drink a complex of vitamins and before starting a diet complete medical check-up to rule out chronic or hidden diseases, symptoms which diet can cause. Also, do not use this diet more than once a quarter.

“Striped” diet and yogurt

The easiest and most balanced variant of the classic diet of kefir is kefir “striped” diet. This name it received because of the power scheme. You alternate days when you drink only kefir, with days of normal eating. Thus, the longer you can sit on such a diet and lose weight gradually. There are also several modifications of kefir striped diet depending on the duration and the products that you eat in the days of the extended power. Alternate kefir and advanced day after day, but it is not worth more than two weeks.

During the fasting days, you are drinking 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt daily. You can also drink unsweetened tea and definitely a large amount of water. The next day can make your diet of protein and carbohydrate food but don’t need to lean on sweets and bakery products. But many nutritionists believe this kind of diet is ineffective, especially for people with a large weight deviation from the norm, as kefir striped diet of the pendulum, and the fasting day may not be enough to start the process of splitting previously deposited fats.

So before you sit on the kefir diet, it is better to consult a doctor to rule out possible contraindications and pick up an individual plan nutrition for effective weight loss.

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