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Kids Running

The kids love to run, but to run the baby to be healthy you need to follow some rules kids running. For example, when you set to quickly run a short distance, the children energetically run, combining a run active movements of the hand. While running for a greater distance run at a leisurely pace, setting the foot roll over from heel to toe, slightly relaxed motion of the hand slower.

When children run, parents need to remember about the characteristics of children of different physiques. In the sprint no significant difference in the results between large and medium-sized children, but children of both types were far ahead of the little ones. But at medium and long distances the situation is changing: in the first place come the children with average and small body type. Only taking into account these features, creating the appropriate conditions can ensure that children have improved in different types of running.

Kids Running Training

Briefly describe the mechanics of the main types of running, and then ask the parents the form and content of running exercises with children.

Jogging at a fast pace is mainly performed on the front of the foot or on the toes. Step wide and rapid hand movements vigorous, active (of course, in rhythm with Jogging steps). Jump leg pushes powerfully and rectified before the end of that flight leg shall be made up several. The torso is slightly tilted forward, head in line with spine, shoulders wide, but without strain. To look forward.

A quick run of children of the considered age is most often used in games with elements of competition. The duration of each such “breakthrough” small, 5 to 8, but with natural stops to rest, it may be repeated 5-8 times.

Slow running has gained recently in popularity, mainly as a means of development of General endurance and improve overall functional capacity of the organism. In this race it is important to be able to maintain a low pace, not to speed up and not slow it down, run rhythmically. Steps for slow running short, the foot is placed on the front part of the foot or the elastic rolls from heel to toe. The movement of the arms, bent at the elbow and held at waist level, relaxed, shoulders slightly relaxed.

Running Training for kids 2-3 years

  1. Running for parents at a distance of 10 m
  2. Running behind the subject or with him
  3. Running with stops. Running in a circle
  4. Running between the two lines – straight and curved track.
  5. Jogging alternating with walking
  6. Jogging at a fast pace (10 m)
  7. Jogging at a slow pace (30-40 C)

Running Training for kids 4-5 years

  1. Running for parents
  2. Running with change of direction, with the fishing and beating
  3. Run “snake” (obegaya delivered in a number of items)
  4. Jogging with acceleration and deceleration rate
  5. Running with the change of the lead
  6. Running along a narrow path
  7. Running stride
  8. Jogging at a fast pace (10-20 m)
  9. Jogging at a slow pace (1.5-2 min)
  10. Jogging (40-60 C) in alternation with walking

Running Training for children 5-7 years

  1. Running on his toes
  2. Running wide and fine pitch
  3. Running of assignments
  4. Running with high knee lift
  5. Jogging, combined with other simple movements
  6. Jogging at a fast pace for 10 m (repeat 3-4 times)
  7. Running at speed (20-30 m)
  8. Shuttle run (3 times for 10 m)
  9. Alternating running and walking (2-3 sections of path at 60-100
    m each)
  10. Jogging at an average pace over rough terrain for a distance up to 200 m.
  11. A slow run for 1.5-2 min.

Running Training for children aged 8-9 years

  1. Running with the tap bent knees
  2. Running with high lifting hips and straight legs
  3. Running jumping
  4. Running in combination with other movements (dribbling, rope)
  5. Running stride over obstacles with a height of 15-20 cm
  6. Running from different starting provisions
  7. Running at speed (30 m)
  8. Shuttle run (3 times for 10 m), the number of repetitions – up to 3
  9. Alternating walking and running (3-4 sections of path 100-150 m each)
  10. Jogging at an average pace over rough terrain to a distance of 300 m.
  11. Slow Jogging for 2-3 min.

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