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Laryngitis in children

Nasopharynx baby is not yet able to “keep” the trapped viruses, so harmful microorganisms quickly descend down into the larynx. In adults, it is wide, so the inflammation it causes mucous only discomfort. But for small children laryngitis is a serious problem.

Symptoms of laryngitis in children:

As a rule, laryngitis starts with a runny nose. Then the baby appears dry cough, changing the timbre of the voice ( appears hoarseness ), there is a fast and a little shortness of breath. The situation usually worsens at night or at dawn: the lumen of the airway narrows so that the child draws in air with a characteristic whistle.

Then begins the attack “barking” cough with severe anxiety, crying, with swelling of the nose wings. The kid is pale, and nasolabial triangle has a bluish tint. The temperature is not very high and rarely rises to 39-40 degrees.

Treatment of laryngitis in children:

Treatment of laryngitis in childrenDuring the attack seat baby, resting on the back of the pillow. Consult your doctor for advice on what drugs should be used. Most likely, it will be herbal syrups. They relieve irritation and inflammation.

A reliable cure for laryngitis – warm milk, honey and mineral water ( if the child is not allergic ). Do this “cocktail” before use. Any drink in this period should be warm, but not hot.

Good help from laryngitis eucalyptus inhalation, as a pair of this plant have antibacterial action. In a large pot put 7-9 tablespoons of the herbs and pour boiling water. Place the container next to your baby’s bed ( just make sure that it is up to her not reached ).

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