Levitra and Levitra ODT – drugs for erectile dysfunction that contains vardenafil. The active ingredient selectively inhibits phosphodiesterase 5, which plays an important role in the physiological mechanism of penile erection. Vardenafil, inhibiting phosphodiesterase 5, leads to increased level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, relaxation of smooth muscle layer of blood vessels and increase blood flow to the penile tissues. The effect of a drug Levitra develops only in the presence of sexual stimulation which results from the nerve endings of cavernous bodies released nitric oxide, triggering a reaction of increasing the level of cyclic guanosine monophosphate.

Due to the high selectivity vardenafil against phosphodiesterase 5 drug Levitra has no effect on the organs and systems whose function is governed by other fosfodiesterazy.

After oral administration of the drug Levitra ODT peak plasma concentrations vardenafil is reached within 45-90 minutes after ingestion Levitra – 30-120 minutes.
The half-life vardenafil is 4 to 6 hours. Vardenafil is excreted mainly intestine and to some extent by the kidneys.

May change the pharmacokinetic profile vardenafil have elderly patients and patients with reduced function of the kidneys and liver. However, elderly patients and patients with impaired renal function moderate such changes are minor and do not require dose adjustment.


The drug and Levitra Levitra ODT is used for the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction (inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse).

How to Use Levitra:

Tablets orodispersible Levitra ODT:

The drug is designed for oral administration. Tablets Levitra ODT is taken regardless of the meal. It is recommended to keep the dispersible tablet under the tongue until dissolved. Remove the tablet Levitra ODT out of the blister pack immediately before taking. To achieve the desired therapeutic effect of the drug Levitra ODT should be taken 25-60 minutes before anticipated sexual activity. Allowed taking the pill for 4-6 hours prior to anticipated sexual activity. Note that to achieve the therapeutic effect vardenafil the necessary sexual stimulation. The dose of the drug Levitra ODT determined by the physician.

As a rule, we recommend taking 1 tablet of the drug Levitra ODT.

The maximum recommended dose is 1 tablet.

Tablets, coated Tablets, Levitra:

The drug is designed for oral administration. Pills Levitra swallow whole, with the necessary quantity of liquid. Vardenafil is usually taken regardless of food intake 25-60 minutes before anticipated sexual activity. Given the time of action of the drug, admission vardenafil 4-6 hours prior to sexual activity. It is necessary to consider that the development effect of the drug Levitra required sexual stimulation. Dose Levitra determined by the physician.

As a rule, we recommend taking vardenafil in an initial dose of 10 mg depending on efficacy and tolerability the dose vardenafil may be increased to 20 mg or reduced to 5 mg.

You should not take the drug Levitra more than 1 time per day.

Elderly patients and patients with reduced renal function recommended the appointment vardenafila in an initial dose of 5 mg.

Side Effects Levitra:

Levitra, generally well tolerated by patients. It was reported about rare cases of adverse effects in patients receiving vardenafil. In particular, in clinical and post-marketing studies noted side effects such vardenafil:

  • From the nervous system: seizures, sleep disturbances, dizziness, paresthesia, memory impairment, drowsiness, fatigue, headache.
  • From the blood vessels, heart and blood system: vasodilation, angina, ischemia of the heart muscle, the lability of arterial pressure.
  • Respiratory system: rhinorrhea, swelling of nasal mucosa.
  • From the digestive tract and the hepatobiliary system: dyspepsia, pain in the abdominal area, vomiting, increased liver enzymes, nausea, violations of the chair. It’s also possible the development of gastroesophageal reflux and gastritis.
  • From the organ of vision: conjunctivitis, decreased visual acuity, photophobia, increased intraocular pressure, disturbance of color perception.
  • Allergic reactions: urticaria, Quincke’s edema, anaphylactic shock, bronchospasm.

Other side effects: back pain, increased muscle tone.

When applying vardenafil patients may develop prolonged erections and priapism, which may lead to damage of fabrics of penis and prolonged violation of potency.

In some cases, patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system recorded the development of a heart attack, but it is not known whether the cause of this condition, the drug Levitra, or directly sexual activity.

In patients at risk before the drug Levitra may develop impaired vision until the vision loss (temporary or permanent), but it is unknown whether the cause of such States receiving vardenafil or other factors.

With the development of adverse reactions, including the development of priapism or prolonged erection should consult a doctor.

Contraindications of Levitra:

  • Drug Levitra is not indicated for patients with known intolerance vardenafil or other components of the tablets.
  • Tablets Levitra ODT is not indicated for patients with phenylketonuria.
  • Drug Levitra should not be used for the treatment of patients receiving nitrates.
  • Vardenafil is not indicated for women and is used in pediatric practice.
  • Drug Levitra should not be prescribed to patients who are contraindicated for sexual activity, in particular, patients who recently experienced myocardial infarction and stroke, and patients with severe arterial hypertension, arterial hypotension and unstable angina.

Use caution, prescribing vardenafil to patients with aortic stenosis, obstruction of the left ventricle, idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis and prolongation of the QT interval (including patients with congenital QT prolongation and patients taking drugs that lengthen the QT interval).

The drug Levitra should be used with caution in patients with a high risk of priapism, including patients with anatomical deformation of the penis, cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease, multiple myeloma, serbophobe cell anemia and leukemia.

Be careful to use the drug Levitra to patients with impaired renal function and liver, degenerative diseases of the retina, ulcer disease duodenum and stomach, and Crohn’s disease.

Interaction with other medicines:

Prohibited vardenafila combined use with nitrates and other donators NO.

When used in combination with drugs that inhibit or inductively enzymes of the cytochrome P450 may change the pharmacokinetic profile vardenafil. In particular may increase plasma concentrations vardenafil with the combined use of erythromycin, ketoconazole, ritonavir, indinavir.

Should be used with caution in vardenafil patients receiving alpha-blockers. It should be observed interval of at least 3 hours between taking vardenafil and alpha-blockers (except tamsulosin, which can be taken concurrently with vardenafilom).

Overdose of Levitra:

When receiving excessive doses of the drug Levitra (up to 80 mg vardenafil per day) in patients not observed the development of undesirable effects. Also the prolonged use of high doses (40 mg vardenafil a day during the week) there has been no deterioration in tolerability of Levitra. However, when high doses of the drug Levitra it is impossible to exclude the possibility of developing back pain and increased severity of other adverse effects vardenafil.

There is no specific antidote. With the development of signs of overdose the drug Levitra should be abolished, and to spend symptomatic therapy.

The kidney dialysis not lead to a significant reduction in plasma concentrations vardenafil.


Dispersible tablets Levitra ODT for 1 or 4 pieces in blister packages made of polymeric materials and aluminum foil, in a cardboard bundle 1 blister pack.

Tablets, film-coated, Levitra 1 or 4 pieces, placed in the contour of the package, in a cardboard bundle 1 valium planimetric packaging.


The drug Levitra should be stored in rooms with temperature from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.

The drug Levitra in the form of tablets, film-coated, can be used within 3 years after release.

The drug Levitra ODT in the form of dispersible tablets can be used for 2.5 years after graduation.


1 tablet dispersible drug Levitra ODT contains:

Vardenafil (in the form of vardenafil monohydrochloride trihydrate) 10 mg;

Additional substances including aspartame.


1 tablet coated with shell, Levitra 5 contains:

Vardenafil – 5 mg;

Additional ingredients.


1 tablet coated with shell, Levitra 10 contains:

Vardenafil – 10 mg;

Additional ingredients.


1 tablet coated with shell, Levitra 20 contains:

Vardenafil – 20 mg;

Additional ingredients.


Pharmaceutical group: Tools used for the treatment of sexual disorders in men

Active substance: Vardenafil

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