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Lichen planus

Lichen planus is a disease characterized by skin lesions and mucous membranes of a person non-infectious nature. More common in persons between 30 and 60 years, but are the cases and in children. Women suffer more. If we talk about racial predisposition, such as hypertrophic form occurs more frequently in blacks. This pathology is not contagious.

Causes of lichen planus

There are many different theories of occurrence of lichen planus, but unfortunately, and here it should be recognized that the exact cause is not known. It is noticed that the disease occurs after nerve stress (neurological version), there is a genetic predisposition, patients with diabetes mellitus. Deserves attention the viral theory, the commitment and Your humble servant. This theory says the detection of viral changes in cells, the positive effect of antiviral drugs. But to identify the pathogen yet, alas, failed.

Symptoms of lichen planus

Symptoms of lichen planusProceeds lichen planus from several months to several years (chronic). In the classical period is characterized by papules (shallow, besplatnoe, is found above the skin level education) and plaques (education concentration), localized on the flexor surfaces of the forearms, wrist, legs, scalp, genitals. All this is usually accompanied by severe itching. For lesions characteristic reddish – pink or purple shade in the light (grid Wickham). They can appear at the site of trauma or physical contact (such as plaque belt). This is called the “koebner’s phenomenon”. On average, 50% of the affected mucosa of the oral cavity. There are the following forms of the disease:

1) a Mesh form in which you receive a mesh pattern in the mucous membrane of the cheeks.
2) the Hypertrophic form, with the papules and mesh Wickham.
3) Atrophic form plaques on the body.
4) Erosive – ulcer, characterized by the appearance of shallow erosions (superficial skin damage) on the buccal mucosa, gums.
5) Beleznay form of painful blisters on the mucous membranes of the cheeks.

If we talk about this type of lichen, and he, I believe, is just as good a saying about syphilis is that it is a “monkey” for all diseases. Dermatologist will help You to successfully ofdifferential it with such diseases as early secondary syphilis (with the localization on the genitals), pemphigus (epidermolysis form), psoriasis, discoid lupus erythematosus, toxicoderma and others with similar symptoms.

Diagnosis of lichen planus

Diagnose is based upon visual inspection. True when the mucous to donate blood for syphilis.

Treatment lichen planus

Treatment for each patient, the doctor chooses individually. That is suitable, for example, You may not be suitable to another person and Vice versa. Always primenyaetsa desensitizing and anti-histamines (claritin, aerius, calcium gluconate), vitamin therapy (vitamins A), protivovirusnye drugs (cycloferon). Well help tetracycline antibiotics (doxycycline). Prescribed and sedatives (Valerian tincture). Always present topical treatment on the skin hormonal anti-inflammatory ointments (God, advantan). And of course if persistent course you need to completely examine the body for other chronic diseases.

Treatment lichen planusDiet during treatment lacto – vegetarian. Restrictions in lifestyle after undergoing therapy no.

It is not forbidden and purpose of folk remedies, but just not in the form of mono and under the supervision of a physician. Otherwise, the disease can become chronic form. Used as a topical treatment, and General. Topically applied vinegar, extracts of calendula, burdock, birch tar. Inside are various extracts of: St. John’s wort, milfoil, nettle.

Complications lichen planus

At the first signs of lichen planus should immediately contact your doctor. Yes. The disease is not fatal, but successful becomes chronic, and here, and cosmetic defects, severe itching, which can pull the human psyche.

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