Symptom Checker

Long-term (more than 2 months) temperature rise, constant or intermittent

Found 30 diseases with symptomProlonged (more than 2 months) fever, constant or intermittent

possible clasifications of the symptom

lymph nodes enlarged
thyroid Enlargement
Recent contact with infectious disease patients
the Decrease in body mass (weight loss) in the weeks/months/because of illness
sweating (not related to exercise or heat)
heart Problems
Temperature fluctuates, day / evening much more than in the morning
body Temperature increased

symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
the Disease caused by HIV high 14-18
Lymphogranulomatosis high 9-12
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia high 7-9
Infectious endocarditis high 13-17
hepatitis b acute high 17-22
Purulent-necrotic form of acute pancreatitis high 9-12 + basic form
Gangrenous omphalitis high 4-5 + basic form
hepatitis b chronic high 12-16
intestinal tuberculosis high 9-12
Systemic scleroderma high 3-5
Systemic lupus erythematosus high 9-12
Brucellosis high 4-5
Toxic thyroid adenoma high 9-11
Diffuse toxic goiter high 16-22
Cherge-Strauss Syndrome high 18-24
Brucellosis chronic high 11-15
Infectious mononucleosis high 19-25
tuberculosis high 13-17 + basic form
Rheumatoid arthritis, classical form average 14-19
Toxoplasmosis average 20-26
Ventricular extrasystole average 16-21
Raynaud’s Disease average 7-9
Supraventricular extrasystole average 12-16
Cytomegalovirus infection average 11-15
Nonspecific aortoarteritis average 15-20
Hyperthyroidism (syndrome) average 4-5
Parainfluenza average 8-11
hypermetabolism – hypercatabolism Syndrome (acute inflammation) (syndrome) average 5-6
Vegetative disorder of thermoregulation (syndrome) low 4-5
Autonomic dysfunction low 4-5

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