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Long-term temperature rise OF no more than 38 degrees

Long-term (more than 1.5 months), constant or periodic increase in body temperature, and the elevated temperature lasts for a day longer than normal.

Urgency: requires attention

Found 15 diseases with symptom & nbsp;Prolonged fever OF no more than 38 degrees.

Symptom of disease

Name Threat number of signs
malignant neoplasm of uncertain localization (syndrome) high 5-6
Tuberculosis of the stomach and / or duodenum high 12-15
the Indication of the tuberculosis (lung) (disorder) high 4-5
pulmonary Tuberculosis fibrous-cavernous high 19-25
Visceral candidiasis high 3-5
Chronic generalized candidiasis high 5-6
Systemic scleroderma high 3-5
Brucellosis chronic high 11-15
Bronchitis chronic high 18-24
Rheumatoid arthritis, classical form average 14-19
Tuberculosis of the intrathoracic lymph nodes average 15-20
Toxoplasmosis average 20-26
Trichinosis average 21-28
Vegetative disorder of thermoregulation (syndrome) low 4-5
Autonomic dysfunction (posindromno) low 4-5

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