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Measles vaccinations

Since the introduction of compulsory vaccination against measles, the incidence of this viral disease has decreased significantly. In countries where vaccination programme with 100% coverage of the population (e.g. in the USA) is almost eradicated measles and its frequency does not exceed 100 cases per year.

Children under one year get sick with measles rare, as they are protected by maternal antibodies are protective proteins produced by a mother after suffering her illness or vaccination. To 9-12 months. the first year of life maternal antibodies disappear from the blood of the baby, and he remained defenceless. That’s why the first measles vaccination to kids done at the age of 12-15 months. Revaccination is carried out in 6 years, before enrolling the child in school.

Vaccines against measlesThe measles vaccine is produced based on live, weakened (attenuated) viruses of measles. The measles immunization can be carried out by nanovaccine or triacting (against measles, rubella and mumps). To nanovaccines include: Measles vaccine (manufacturer: Washington enterprise of bacterial preparations, USA); Rouvax (manufacturer: Sanofi Pasteur, France. Combined vaccines are: MMR II (manufacturer: Merck sharp Dohme, USA) and Priorix (manufacturer: Smith Kline beacham, Belgium).

Immunity that is generated in the body after vaccination, weaker, which appears I had been ill with measles baby, but it suffices for many years, or for life to protect your child from measles infection. The effectiveness of measles vaccine are the same, regardless of which vaccine is used. The use of combined triacsin not increase the risk of post-vaccination complications, however, reduces the amount of ballast substances contained in each vaccine. In addition, instead of three injections a child receives one, so vaccination is better tolerated by the child’s body.

Some children 6 through day 20 after inoculation may experience mild reactions in the form of rising temperatures and scant rash. They usually successfully pass within 2-3 days. However, if you experience any complications after vaccination, always check with the doctor. If the child had not been immunized on time or it is not completed, you should consult your pediatrician about vaccines. Vaccination against measles can spend at any age up to 35 years.

When planning a pregnancy, you should consult a gynecologist about the necessity of vaccination. Pay attention to the fact that vaccination can only be done a few months before conception, but not during pregnancy. This is due to the possible risk of the impact of the virus contained in the vaccine on the fetus.

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