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Meat in the diet of the child

There comes a time when baby solid foods, you must enter the meat products. For the proper development of the child this product is simply necessary, because animal protein for optimum growth. Besides meat products prevent the occurrence of anemia and rickets in children.

When and what kind of meat to start to give your child

Approximately seven months, the child should start to eat meat. Lean meat such as veal, you can add the child to all vegetable dishes. You can also give the child a little liver puree. For this meal, beef or pork liver boiled and rubbed through a sieve, the resulting mass should add a little broth or milk. In this way the dish will not be too dry. The liver contains a lot of valuable protein, iron and vitamins. Children suffering from anemia, especially useful to give the dish from the liver. Children 7 months meat yield in the form of meat, passing it through a meat grinder twice. About a year you can offer a child a steam cutlets. One year old baby should eat already 70-80 grams of meat a day. All meat dishes, cooking for the baby, must be used immediately after preparation.

How to cook meat to a child

How to cook meat to a childBefore you start to cook the meat sauce for the baby, thoroughly rinse the pulp of meat, cleaned of fat and films. Having been cut into small pieces, cover with water and simmer over low heat until tender. When the meat is ready you have to scroll down several times through a meat grinder, then RUB through a sieve. In the resulting mass, you need to add a little broth or hot milk to meat sauce turned out soft. Then again, bring puree to a boil, add some salt and butter.

Cooking meat broth for the baby

Broth for the baby should be prepared from lean beef or veal. Pediatricians do not recommend for preparing to use the bone broth because the broth is too oily. Use for the broth finely chopped or passed through a meat grinder. First the broth must be drained after 20 minutes after the start of cooking, then again drenched the meat with hot water and continue cooking. The cooking broth for at least two hours. A little salt is added at the end of cooking. Spices to add not one but herbs – dill, parsley or celery can be put. While cooking meat broth, you can add carrots and onions. Stock ready to be filtered through 2-3 layers of sterile gauze and then again bring to a boil. Exactly the same method cooked and chicken broth. The cooking time of chicken meat is also about 2 hours.

Souffle chicken

Boiled chicken to cool and separate meat from skin and bones. Skip meat a few times through a meat grinder. Add the meat in the flour, egg yolk, butter and hot milk and mix thoroughly, then put in a greased form and bake in the oven.

How to insert a meat lure

To enter a meat feeding baby should be carefully and start with 1 teaspoon. To year the amount of meat should be brought to 70 grams. Beef (veal) — good source of iron, and since it does not contain difficult to digest by the body of the baby fat, she is considered the best choice for a first meal. To diversify the meat diet of the child is better to start closer to year: lean pork, Turkey. After a year you can enter white chicken meat.

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