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Mehndi – Henna Tattoos

Henna (Lawsonia Inermis) is a plant genus of perennial herbs, shrubs. Leaf powder contains the dye (Lawsone), reddish-orange color.

Pink and white henna flowers are used for making oil. Of the leaves collected during flowering, after drying and grinding into powder, made paint. The leaves growing on the highest branches, used for painting on the skin, because have a strong coloring ability. The lower leaves are the manufacture of hair dye, so that they are ground more coarsely. Henna powder is immediately Packed and placed in a vacuum, as the paint rather quickly deteriorates. Different parts of the plant are used in medicine for the treatment of wounds, treatment of skin diseases, diseases of bones and headaches.

Since henna has a rather strong disinfectant properties, it is used for the treatment of wounds, sutures, treatment of dermatological diseases and diseases of the bones. The application of henna gives a soothing effect in acute inflammation and abscesses. While back pain is very effectively applying a mixture obtained from rose oil, natural waxes, and extract of henna oil. If the paste of leaves of lawsone to put on the sores the person suffering from chickenpox or smallpox, they will dry quickly and it also protects the eyes of the patient. Can increase the luster of nails, if they apply a paste of henna. After infection, the nail can restore the look of damaged nails, if applied henna with vinegar. Dried leaves of lawsone perfectly repel insects. It is believed that the smell of henna relieves headaches and increases the potency (as an aphrodisiac).

Are Temporary Henna Tattoos Safe?

Henna Tattoos – Questions and Answers

Question: What is a henna tattoo?
Answer: The henna tattoo is made from natural henna leaves that are dried and ground into very fine powder.

Question: What color is the henna tattoo (henna for body art)?
Answer: Traditional henna brown

Question: Is the same as henna for hair coloring?
Answer: These two tools from the same plant, but the henna tattoo (henna for body art) is much higher quality.

Question: How long a henna tattoo?
Answer: on average 2-4 weeks, but since it is a natural product, the timing may vary and depend on the skin type, and depending on the area of the body which is the henna tattoo.

Question: how Can I make a henna tattoo and wear it for longer than 2-4 weeks?
Answer: Moisten the tattoo with henna oil tattoo. The oil will help to keep a henna tattoo and prolong the action of henna.

Question: do I Need to prepare the skin before applying henna?
Answer: Special preparation is necessary, but you can extend the validity of henna, if you do pilling – yesterday, before applying henna.

Question: I applied the henna, it dried up I deleted it, but my henna tattoo is very light orange color. Why did this happen?
Answer: don’t worry. Henna stained skin (manifested) within 12-24 hours.

Question: When I mix a paste of henna, how long can I use it?
Answer: a Freshly made paste of henna powder is best used within 24-48 hours. Henna in the cone is kept longer in accordance with the terms of the manufacturer.

Question: is it Possible to do a henna tattoo for the kids?
Answer: Yes, a henna tattoo can be done at any age – it is 100% natural and safe product.

Question: I’m pregnant, is it safe to do henna tattoos?
Answer: Yes, you can do a henna tattoo, but we recommend not to use oil.

Question: In what areas of the body you can apply a henna tattoo?
Answer: Henna for the tattoo can be used on the whole body surface.

Question: do I Need to use lemon juice, or other means?
Answer: there’s no particular need to, because henna is used to tattoo lasting up to 4 weeks.

Question: If I’m going to swim in the pool, will my henna tattoo to stay or will fade?
Answer: most of the pools contain chlorine, which is bleach, your tattoo can fade if you swim in the pool with chlorinated water. We recommend you to cover the tattoo with henna with oil to freeze.

Question: Will the henna stain my clothes?
Answer: Yes, but only until the henna is wet. Please be very careful when handling
Avoid contact of clothing with the wet henna while it dries.

Question: Where did henna and tattoo henna?
Answer: Pictures henna tattoo came from Asia, North Africa and the Middle East.

Question: Can I re-apply the henna to make a tattoo after henna tattoo disappear?
Answer: Yes, henna tattoos can be applied as many times as you want.

Henna Tattoo Tutorial

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