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Menarche – the first menstruation

First period girls (medical term “Menarche”) is an important and very significant event. It’s hard to describe the feelings that you’re going to experience. During the first month the teenager will be confronted with the strange and new sensations. Maybe in your head simultaneously spinning a thousand thoughts, but you have nothing to fear. On the contrary, it is wise to consider: “When I start my period, I become really old. You have to prepare for this exciting event. Try to relax and get away. When you first began menstruating, remember: this is a natural process in the female body, through which the girl can make a miracle to give the baby life.

When first your period begin?

Want to know when does begin the critical days in girls? For the onset of menstruation there is no “right age”. Every she comes in his time. As a rule, most teenage girls periods come at the age of 12-13 years. But it’s very conditional. First, they can appear 10, and 15 years. It is perfectly natural and normal! If you’re worried and often think: “I am All right?”, remember that your day too will come! Menstruation in girls occur when the genitals sufficiently formed, and in the body will accumulate the necessary amount of hormones. After this, the ovaries will regularly (approximately every four weeks) to Mature the egg, and then leave your body along with the menstrual blood.

Symptoms and signs of first menstruation in girls

Learn about the beginning of menstruation, is quite simple. There are certain early symptoms that indicate the maturation of your body. They occur gradually. You will find in your body the new changes that are difficult to ignore. Thus, carefully observe yourself, you will be able to guess, when will my period the first time. While you shouldn’t forget that the following early signs of menstruation individual and may not be an accurate signal of the beginning of the cycle.

Signs of first period:

White discharge. One of the earliest signs that are approaching the critical days in girls, is the appearance of white discharge from the vagina. Since their appearance will be about a year before, when I get my first period. Just be patient.

Female figure. Another important sign of impending menstruation in adolescent is the formation of the female figure. With the maturation of the body you will noticeable change in appearance. Many happily share the news with her friends: “Look, I have a waist, increased hips and Breasts. In any case, you will notice that begin to look different. In addition, you may become more irritable and fragile at this time. A “nervous” symptom often occurs in teenagers due to hormone production.

As a first start menstruating girls?

A few days before the first menstruation, the girl may feel unusual and delivering little discomfort sensations that are associated with premenstrual syndrome, is well known to most adult women. PMS in adolescents is often manifested by the following features:

  • frequent mood swings;
  • increased irritability and tearfulness;
  • the weakness and apathy.

You can learn about the beginning of menstruation, when you notice on your underwear brown or red spots. Don’t be surprised if you immediately appear profuse discharge. This is very individual. But in any case, bleeding is the main symptom of the first menstruation. Pain does not always accompany menstruation: some girls know about her early only by the appearance of characteristic spots on linen, and some teenagers are experiencing the unpleasant nagging feeling in the abdomen. Usually first Your period pass at the girl just as her mother: the presence of pain, intensity and character of discharge often determined by hereditary factors.

How to look like the first period?

Symptoms and signs of first menstruation in girlsGirls periods usually start with spotting a light brown color or a few drops of blood that you notice on your underwear. The color selections can vary greatly from different girls and change depending on day of the cycle. Menstrual blood is usually red, brown or even dark brown. First period look different, because they consist not only of blood but also from the lining of the uterus (endometrial), and vaginal secretions.

Often the first period is not too intense. However, it may happen that the selection will be plentiful from the very beginning. In any case – don’t worry. It is absolutely normal!

What should be the first period?

What are critical days?

What should be the period? How many selections I may have? How long will you go first period? Adolescents often have similar questions about menstruation, but they don’t have a clear answer. The fact that no norm exists. After the onset of menstruation, and in subsequent months, every girl it’s different. It is impossible to say exactly what could be menstruation in girls: the selection can be scarce and abundant. Some women don’t even notice it started, and every other cycle experience pain in the lower abdomen, discomfort in the lower back or feeling the mood swings.

When established my menstrual cycle?

Surely you’re wondering what should be the first period is regular or not. Menstrual cycle teenage girls is not always exactly one month. Especially if the discharge you are just beginning. Before your cycle becomes regular, will be about two years. To trace the pattern of secretions will help you menstrual calendar. Most importantly – do not get hung up on “those” days and to limit yourself. Enjoy life and make new discoveries that always accompany growing up. And our website will help you learn all about first periods.

The duration of the first menstruation?

As a rule, the duration of the critical days in girls is 3 to 7 days. At the beginning of menstruation in girls are the most powerful selection. They gradually weaken. In recent days, the highlight is almost invisible.

The duration of the first cycle period (time from beginning of one to beginning of another bleeding) are individual for each girl. On average, it lasts 28 days but a cycle can vary from 21 to 35 days. The cycle time often changes with stress (eg during exams), under the change of climate in the spring months.

What to do if first got my period?

If first period girl had unexpectedly and at the wrong time, so easy to get lost. Don’t worry! You will feel more confident if you ever will use a daily strip. For example, sanitary pads will protect your clothes from discharge, which can unexpectedly appear, and let you feel relaxed. Besides, you can always carry tampons or regular pads. This will allow you to constantly be ready for the beginning of menstruation and, if necessary, promptly to use hygiene products.

The first time period the girls cause quite a commotion. Here are some simple tips for Teens to menstruation is not caught off guard:

  • Lead menstrual calendar to know when to expect my period.
  • Use daily pads on days when you can start the selection.
  • If the month went for the first time, and you have no tampons or pads, don’t be shy to ask a friend, teacher or school nurse.
  • In a day can go menstrual bleeding, visit the toilet every 3-4 hours, not to miss the start of bleeding.
  • In the first critical days just in case to put in a handbag not just tampons or pads, but a spare pair of underwear.

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