Milk Diet for Weight Loss

Milk Diet can be very effective for many people if their goal is weight loss and health improvement. It never hurts to return to the body some of the natural functions, lost with passing years. Especially with such familiar and beloved product.

Typically, dairy products are all, regardless of age, gender, weight, etc. with the Exception of only a few percent of the total population. There are people who have individual intolerance to the milk moved into the category of allergic diseases. For them, of course, milk diet is contraindicated.

Milk diet for weight loss is not new, it is time-tested and has many adherents.

Milk – Is Helpful?

Milk – a popular product that is known to everyone from early childhood. As they grow, we cease to drink milk and consume dairy products in such large quantities, as it was in infancy. However, for the harmonious development of milk products needed every man and his “adult” life. It is no coincidence newborn baby the first few months, feeds only on milk. Because breast milk contains many useful substances necessary for growth.

As the Milk Acts on the Body

Few people consider milk as a product rich in a variety of substances. We used to hear from childhood that milk is good for health. And how useful, why not delve into the meaning. However, the composition of normal cow’s milk includes not less than one hundred different components. This minerals, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, milk sugar, etc.

Thanks to milk proteins the human body is enriched with essential amino acids that are not synthesized independently, and can only come from food. Such acids include methionine – a sulfur-containing amino acid that normalizes cholesterol process and very important for liver function. A sufficient quantity of methionine ensures the prevention of such diseases as atherosclerosis. Immune bodies and hormones contained in the milk, increase the body’s resistance to various diseases and protect against bacteria.

The higher the products the fat content, the more they dissolved vitamins. In milk contains the fat soluble vitamins E, A, and D. Rich in dairy products and vitamins that dissolve in water. Is B1, B2, B6, B12, Pantothenic and folic acid, Biotin etc. in addition, from milk, the human body receives the necessary calcium. Age-related changes in bone tissues occurring largely because calcium is leached from bones and they become brittle. Good absorption of calcium provides lactose contained in milk and dairy products.

For people who suffer from gastritis very useful frequent use of milk, especially goat. It affects the mucous membrane of the stomach, restoring the natural environment and contributing to improve digestion. A popular recipe for insomnia – a glass of warm milk with one teaspoon of honey? Milk recommended to drink in the evening when violations night’s sleep.

Milk as a Means for Weight Loss

Constantly harassing your own body often diets, fasting days, physical exertion and hurting themselves in many ways, we along with the weight loss Deplete the body, bringing themselves to exhaustion. Milk diet for weight loss is fundamentally different from other diets is the fact that the milk makes up for the missing body of matter. The effect of dairy diets based on the improvement of the digestive organs, thus boosting metabolism. The stomach begins to work better and more efficiently.

To lose weight milk, you need to enter into the diet more dairy products. Do it best gradually, combining yogurt, low fat cottage cheese, low-fat milk, etc., with other low-calorie products. About a week or 10 days of this diet you easily can lose weight up to 6 kg of excess weight. Depending on the desire, you can choose for themselves the most comfortable diet. Dairy diets differ in the degree of combination of milk with other products.

Rigid Milk Diet for Weight Loss

This diet is intended for persistent and purposeful people who are determined to go all the way. A rigid milk diet is a mono-diet, which includes milk. Provided monodiet for 7 days. For correct application of diet designed for the special scheme in which you can achieve maximum effect. Depending on the needs of the body recommended time of consumption of milk from 8 am to 8 PM.

Daily intake of milk per day:

  • on the first day, you should drink one glass milk every two hours;
  • on the second day, one glass every half an hour;
  • on the third day involves the consumption of milk one glass every hour;
  • in the remaining four days you should drink one glass of milk every half hour.

From hard breast diet you need to go gradually. In the first and second day after the diet (respectively 8 th and 9 th days after the start) in the morning drink one glass milk every two hours, and after dinner you can eat light vegetable salads. You can then move on to the regular diet.

The way to get rid of extra pounds effectively removes fat deposits on the belly. As you know, this is one of the most problematic areas. Combine the mono-diet with a simple exercise and a week you don’t recognize my body.

If you doubt your abilities, you can try a shortened version of mono. It is designed for three days, but limited to a certain amount of milk. For each of the three-day dairy diet accounts for one liter of milk. Four cups you need to drink for four doses. Use can choose your own. Preferably within three hours. One day this diet lose one pound of excess weight.

Easy Milk Diet

Not all people will be able to withstand seven days of drinking only milk. For people offers a more sparing diet, in which fresh milk is virtually nonexistent. This milk diet is replaced with fresh milk dairy products.

  • For Breakfast: drink one glass of buttermilk, yogurt, or weak tea with milk; two hours later a second Breakfast consisting of low fat cream cheese (200 grams);
  • For Lunch: you can prepare a light salad dressed with kefir or yogurt, cheese or cottage cheese fruit pudding and other low-calorie dairy dishes;
  • Dinner consists of one Cup of tea with milk, sour milk or kefir.

This diet is perceived much easier because of the possibility to alternate some dairy products. Designed lightweight dairy diet for a week. During this time, you can lose weight by 5-6 kg.

Lacto-Vegetarian Diet for Weight Loss

This diet is designed for those who are just too difficult to do without the usual set of products.

It’s a mixed diet, which, except milk, may include the following products: grain cereals, eggs, vegetable or milk soup, cheese, fresh vegetables and fruits, branny bread. From drinks allowed mineral water, fruit or vegetable juices, compotes, jellies and tea (preferably with milk). people of these products can be prepared according to your taste, combining with yogurt, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, etc. of Course, you need to carefully monitor the amount of food consumed. At one time the weight should not exceed 200 gr. Interval between meals is 2-3 hours.

Milk Diet With Fruits

This diet is the most easily accepted by the body and allows you to lose weight in a week for 4-5 kg. in addition, fruit and milk diet is useful, it is also tasty.

You should start with neutral Breakfast – unsweetened tea with milk. Second Breakfast, 2-3 hours, consists of 200 grams of nonfat cottage cheese. Through the next 2-3 hours you need to eat 200 gr of any non-acidic fruit. It can be sweet apples, pears, peaches, bananas, prunes, etc. In the next meal drink one Cup sour milk, kefir or yogurt. Day fruit-and-milk diet the intake of 200 grams of fruit.

Milk Diet Weight Loss

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