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Mixed feeding

Mixed feeding child gets breast milk and infant formula, and the volume of the mixture in the diet of the baby is up to 50%.

When it exceeds this mark, they talk about artificial feeding.

To mixed feeding has to be resorted to when mother’s milk is not produced in sufficient volume, or it can’t feed the baby because of the circumstances, and expressed breast milk is not enough. Often the mother erroneously begin to use a mixture of in the period of lactation crisis.

What are the causes in women there is a shortage of milk?

Sometimes women are diagnosed with hypogalactia” — insufficient secretion of milk. The reason for this may be endocrine disorders, inadequate development of the mammary glands or too young age of mothers. However, the true hypogalactia is observed only 5-8% of cases of the total number of such diagnoses. Cause a temporary shortage of breast milk may be: incorrect attachment of the baby to the breast, stress, conflicts in the family or the unwillingness of the women to breast feed.

How to prolong lactation mixed feeding?

If the baby attach to the breast at least three times a day – most likely, your milk supply will gradually decrease. It is therefore important to put the baby to breast as often as possible (not less frequently than every two hours), it will help to enhance lactation. It is important to observe the rule: the mixture should only be given after the milk. The supplementary feeding is better for a child to not offer the bottle, and with a spoon or from a special Cup (or bottle with a tight nipple so the milk would be given to a baby is harder than sucking chest). The process of sucking of the pacifier is different from suckling, and the child often then refuses to take the breast – and this reduces milk production.

The most convenient way to give supplements – system simulation of breastfeeding (SNS, SNA). When using the baby sucks the mother’s breast, getting the milk, that’s my mum and all the benefits of breastfeeding; mom gets breast stimulation and psychologically complete picture of breast feeding, and the feeding of a baby is the same as when breastfed.

What are the causes in women there is a shortage of milkIf mom works, lactation can be maintained by regular expression (not less frequently than every two hours), and baby to breastfeed in the morning, evening and night.

What mixes better to finish feeding the baby mixed feeding?

After consultation with the pediatrician, you can use any mixture adapted, age-appropriate — dry, liquid or dairy.

Whether to seek to feeding only breast milk?

Breast milk is undoubtedly the optimal nutrition for the baby. Therefore, if possible, better to feed your baby only to them, not combining it with mixes, but always remember: the main thing that the child was not left hungry.

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