Mood swings during pregnancy

About mood swings in pregnant women telling jokes. But some believe that mood swings are nothing more than a myth and just a comfortable position for pregnant women, so that they “were running”. I want to assure the skeptics that quick change of mood is not a whim pregnant. And has a very good reason.

Hormonal changes in pregnant women

During pregnancy the woman is a real hormonal upheaval. For example, in the first weeks of the hormone progesterone is increased several-fold, compared to non-pregnant state.

Such hormones leads to the fact that the emotional state of the woman becomes unstable.

Mood swings during pregnancy

Hormonal changes lead to the fact that traits that were inherent in the woman before pregnancy, increase. Reactions to words and situations worsen.

In General many pregnant women feel very vulnerable and weak. Is a reassessment of values, change of self-identification. Because it is now not just her and mom.

Fears and anxieties of pregnant women

Fear and anxiety are simply pursuing pregnant.

At the beginning of pregnancy is fear of losing the baby. Constantly having thoughts and how the baby develops, if everything is normal, whether there is any pathology.

In the first trimester a lot of harm to “good” doctors or friends that are willing to be laying on pregnant woman knowledge of various children’s diseases which they know. Especially goes to women over 30. Them in paints to tell about the consequences of pregnancy in “starorodyaschih”. In the end, to the first ultrasound poor pregnant just falls apart from anxiety.

Tip for pregnant women: If the doctor or a friend tells you about children’s pathologies just for your information, change your doctor and limit contact with a friend.


After the start of movement child and second ultrasound condition of the pregnant woman becomes more relaxed. After all, she already knows, that everything is in order, and the child their perturbations can “tell” about his health. Remain normal anxiety – like would not fall, not sick, not overweight, etc.

Third trimester with the approaching childbirth, fears intensify again. Mostly, women are afraid of the birth itself, worry how good they will be, whether there is entanglement of the umbilical cord of the child, whether he will turn over properly, etc.

Tip for pregnant women: do Not read “birth stories”. About calm, without pathology, is written little birth. But the problem describe childbirth in all colors.


What to do man, if Moody pregnant wife?

Generally mood swings during pregnancy affected, probably all pregnant. Even those who believe that during the entire pregnancy they were calm. Want to know what was at the time of pregnancy, a woman – don’t ask her, and her loved ones.

So calm down and be patient – after all, this woman is your child. Just often remind her that you love her, value and want to be with her whole life.

Mood swings during pregnancy: Causes and Treatment

You are pregnant and notice that you have become too Moody lately? As a rule, mood swings in pregnancy occur due to hormonal changes in your body that affect the levels of neurotransmitters (chemical messengers that transmit nerve impulses in the brain). Usually the “moodiness” of the future mother breaks out between the 6th and 10th weeks of pregnancy, is slightly reduced in the second trimester, and then reappears towards the end of pregnancy.

Women respond to these changes differently. Some moms just feel short bursts of emotion, others can fall into anxiety and even depression.

Mood swings during pregnancy: Causes and TreatmentPregnancy can be quite stressful. Replaced the insane feeling of joy that you will soon become a mother, beginning, other, more disturbing thoughts. You may be concerned about whether you will be a good mom whether your child is healthy and how the appearance of your family of the child will affect your financial position. In addition, you can worry about your relationship with your spouse and your other children will be taken to another level and you will hardly be able to devote as much time as before.

Even if your child is very desirable, from time to time you may be faced with mixed feelings about the pregnancy and fear of the future. With the development of pregnancy your body will change and you can feel unattractive in their own eyes, or to notice some changes in the behavior of your spouse.

Finally, physical symptoms of pregnancy, such as heartburn, constant fatigue and frequent urination can also be an ordeal. So, don’t be surprised that you at some point realize that he lost control of his body, and over its usual life!

How you can control the mood swings?

Try often to remind myself that mood swings in pregnancy is totally normal, and excessive emotionality affects not only you one!

Here are a few recommendations that can help to maintain psychological balance:

  • Chill. Resist the urge to alter all things at once, and do not engage early with the appearance of a child. To arrange the nursery and buy baby stuff you can when you go on maternity leave! You can gradually compile a list of needs that you will need to make and to buy, so you do not forget.
  • Spend more time with your spouse and children. Remember that your life is not focused only on the baby, who wasn’t even born, especially if you already have older children! And your spouse needs to sometimes though you told him that you still love him. Sharing your time will help you to escape from their condition and warn sudden breaks and change your mood. If your family will prevail peace and prosperity, and your husband, and your children will become your good assistants after the baby is born!
  • Do what makes you happy. You can simply spend time at leisure, watching a movie or reading books, you can go for a walk or to go to a cafe with a friend, or to visit with the children the zoo, or take them to the rides.
  • Talk with your husband about anything that bothers you. As a rule, if you will share their feelings and fears with her husband or a close friend, you will be relieved that you simply reprimand. It is quite possible that after this conversation you find that your “universal” problem would be nothing! In addition, openness is the right step to building a relationship of trust with your spouse.
  • Learn to control your emotions. Instead of allowing disappointments to accumulate in your life, find ways to eliminate them. Plenty of sleep, eat well, exercise and don’t forget about entertainment! Identify the source of stress in your life and change everything you can, for the better.

How to cure stress during pregnancy?

If mood swings last more than two weeks, and you feel that aggravate the condition, make sure to tell your doctor and ask for a referral to a therapist. You can be among 10% of pregnant women who suffer from mild and moderate depression during pregnancy.

If mood swings become more frequent and intense, you may have a condition called bipolar disorder in which depression can switch to mania.

If you suspect that you have a serious mood swings in pregnancy, it is extremely important to get professional help in their treatment, while you are still pregnant. Studies have shown that not resolved the emotional problem of the mother can affect the physical and psychological health of the child, and they increase the risk of premature birth and lead to the development of postpartum depression in women.

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