Healthy lifestyle

Morning, noon or evening running

Running it is a standard healthy lifestyle. Why a standard? Because there are things (in particular, running in the morning), which a priori are considered to be proper and necessary for health. For example, one of the misconceptions about the fact that every day diet must include soup. But let’s not talk about food – talk about running, or rather Jogging.

So, when is the best time to run in the morning or evening? Just say that run is not to smoke on the balcony, so it is in any case beneficial for your health. Just in some cases, it is useful. As, for example, to drink carrot juice with the olive oil.

When is it best to run: morning or evening?

Jogging (morning or evening) will be very beneficial for your body. After all, it is an increase in various metabolic processes in the body and improve the oxygen supply to the cells. Besides, Wellness Jogging, primarily mobilize human and ascribe to a kind of routine or schedule. The main problem people with big bellies that they come from work tired (as it seems), then having dinner and settled profusely at the TV or on the Internet. And so many sit with a bottle of beer and cigarettes. What health can there be a speech?

As you know, people are divided into two main types: larks and owls. Larks early to rise and early to bed, the owls, on the other hand – sit deep into the night and sleep until morning. Especially those owls who have long working hours, which they can adjust for themselves. From this it follows that in the first place, the schedule of Jogging everyone needs to choose for themselves. It is not necessary to force yourself to get up, using incredible willpower, and then fall asleep on the go. Any process needs to be fun. Of course, at first you will have to force myself to run, but it is at first. If you are going to live a healthy lifestyle, then over time it will be a pleasure. As, for example, a morning shower.

If you don’t like the congestion of cars and people, you’d better start running in the morning, before the town woke up. As an added bonus the air have not had time to nourish yourself in exhaust fumes from cars.

If you run in the evening, you need to do it is not too late, because your body is preparing to rest, besides the body is already accustomed to the fact that closer to the night your physical activity decreases. In addition, if you click too late, you run the risk of then a long time to stay awake and as a result – not enough sleep to Wake up and overwhelmed.

There is a common belief that Jogging is not always a positive impact on your body, because the body has not yet awake, and you just throw him such loads. In particular on the heart. This opinion has the right to life only if you are immediately after waking up in the morning start Jogging. If you get up, wash, easy to do morning exercises and to try to awaken the body from sleep, and then to go for a run, then no harm you will cause.

If for some reason, you do not have time this morning on awakening before the run (about an hour), you’d better run in the evenings.

The optimal selection of graphics it for yourself. I.e. try the first week to run in the mornings, and next week to run in the evenings. Two weeks later you will know by my feelings what type: morning or evening jog suits you best.

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