Medical equipment

A muscle stimulator

Stimulation by electric current, to enhance the activity of the neuromuscular system, internal organs, as well as: cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal and endocrine systems. There are various frequency and impulsivity pulse current and time of current flow in the tissues.

Muscle toning the face has become popular not only in the medical and cosmetic practice, but also in plastic surgery, when required in the rehabilitation of the skin after the above it surgery.

Muscle toning, as stated, enhances immunity, as well as the conclusion of toxins, toxic substances, products of metabolism of cells.

Efficiency of muscle stimulator – the effect before and after

Paramount combination of pulse current and repetition frequency.

Fixed muscle stimulation difficult to manage, but can produce a certain effect.

1. For treatment physiotherapy enough 2-4 channel muscle stimulator. But such a device is definitely not suitable for figure correction. For the correction you will need the tens machine, having from 6 to 12 channels. If it can be called correction that will result…

2. Have effective muscle stimulator should be electrodes the size of 70×50 mm, rectangular shape. Rubber electrodes need not directly contact the skin, and sit in “pockets” of non-woven material.

3. I have to use a transformer, the current amplifier, that is, each channel in the apparatus should have a separate transformer. The only way to obtain that level of current which is required for correction. And the level of current to different areas of impact need different: for the buttocks, abdomen and thighs the needed current of 25-30 mA. As for the face, neck and chest – current 1 to 15 mA.

The same pattern is observed diametrically opposed – the most popular cheapest wireless wearable muscle stimulation, which in the zone of the joint and the electrodes, and batteries, and control unit. And all this is mounted on the body with adhesive base. Of course, this miniature camera is missing the transformer.

Wireless portable muscle stimulation usually have a 2-4 channel, which is quite insufficient for the development of current required for breaking down fat cells.

The increase in exposure time can cause not comic complications and burns.

Wearable muscle stimulation work from small batteries, while the necessary current level can only guarantee the AC adapter. Mains power supply is equipped with muscle stimulation stationary type.

They can be semi-professional use and professional use. Those machines, after which there is the effectiveness. The muscle stimulation stationary type mains power supply unit, control unit, electrodes and electric cables. Instruments semi-professional use are 2, 4 and 6 channel, that is sufficient to affect the face, neck and chest. But for correction, it will require device professional use.

Professional muscle stimulation are quite expensive. They have from 8 to 24 channels and current up to 100 milliamps, and certificates.

How to use muscle stimulator:

For therapeutic purposes, muscle stimulation can be successfully applied in diseases:

  • How to use muscle stimulatorin cardiovascular diseases;
  • in diseases of the digestive organs;
  • for diseases of the joints, arthritis, arthrosis;
  • for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the spine;
  • in case of scoliosis;
  • to prevent formation of bedsores;
  • when lesions of the peripheral nervous system;
  • as prevention of a syndrome of inactivity;
  • to get rid of the swelling with bruises, fractures and sprains;
  • enuresis;
  • during the recovery period.

But the treatment will be successful only in the treatment of professional machines, stationary type with the use of remote electrodes, located on the body. Wearable muscle stimulation in these cases – like a toy kit that is absolutely useless. And carry out the procedure on the inpatient unit needs an experienced physiatrist.

Stimulation – side effects, harm to muscle stimulator

Wireless muscle stimulation can harm only prolonged misuse. But stationary apparatus with external electrodes can and does turn into a real killer.

Insufficient skilled Manager, may harm not only driving a car. If properly positioned on the body of the electrodes, or the electrodes in different hands, placing the heart on the path of current flow, thereby to cause sudden cardiac arrest…

So, be careful, and if you are not a professional physical therapist, perform the procedure in someone’s presence that you could provide first aid and call an ambulance.

Another aspect. Often the manufacturer saves on components, in order to look more attractive cost. For example, electrodes may use low-quality rubber. And the consumer will saturate your skin with alien elements.

How did muscle stimulation?

Initially they were developed to restore the muscles of astronauts after a long stay in weightlessness.

Indeed, a good muscle stimulator, which is administered by a qualified specialist, correctly picking values of frequency, amplitude and shape of the electrical pulses can lead to muscle tone and it does not cause any harm.

Now, however, the muscle stimulation began advertising for weight loss, that is in the field for which they were never intended. At the same time, advertising of muscle stimulation is very aggressive. Do you believe that it is enough to lie on the couch and lose weight with tens machine?! Approval of this commercial is utter nonsense, because it argues that “the muscle stimulator pulses acts on the muscle, shortening them without any effort on the part of man. And since the muscles need power, they destroy subcutaneous fat.” But the muscles do not eat fat and glucose…

The muscle stimulator stationaryMuscle stimulation do not consume fats and therefore advertising phrase “muscles need nutrition and they consume body fat” – this is outright deception of the consumer. The only thing I can do muscle stimulation to tone the muscles.

And here also lies the trouble – under the influence of muscle stimulator muscles begin to contract and work, what becomes known to the brain. But the brain is such a team muscles do not give! And the brain begins to seek the cause of the disobedience of the muscles – begin to reconfigure your management system! Because of this paralysis of the smooth muscles of the intestine is the most common effect of a “pump media” by using the muscle stimulator.

Well, a prolonged stimulation by an electric current will necessarily lead to the emergence of residual stress in the muscles that result in involuntary convulsions and other disturbances of the musculature. In addition, the apparatus facilitates the flow to female organs.

The result is a stagnation of blood, which is bad for the presence of female diseases. Possible cancer consequences. Professional muscle stimulation have many electrodes that allows the circulation of the blood to run completely.

Muscle toning and contraindications

Contraindications for myostimulation are:

  • oncological diseases; – pregnancy;
  • heart rhythm disturbances, the presence of implanted pacemaker;
  • acute thrombophlebitis in the zone of action, systemic blood diseases;
  • purulent inflammation;
  • active tuberculosis of the lungs or kidneys, kidney stones, or gall bladder (when exposed in these areas);
  • diseases of the endocrine system.

Application of muscle stimulation in cosmetology

In cosmetology characterize the muscle stimulator, as the longed-for deliverer from fat and aide in correction. On whether so it actually? Answer: not at all – try it and see. But myostimulation person sometimes can even be successful.

With the help of muscle stimulator in some cases it is possible to reduce the depth of wrinkles, remove bags under the eyes, tighten facial muscles, and without much difficulty to remove a double chin.

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