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My Period quickly ended

Most women of childbearing age do not particularly reflect on the nature of the menstrual cycle, especially if a Your period pass without deviation and on time. Anxiety can arise in case of violation the duration of the cycle is too big or small allocation of blood.

Another disorder often occurring in women, can be a situation in which the period started and immediately ended. It is worth mentioning the possible causes of such violation.

Why menstruation was quickly over?

Do not think that such an unusual mode indicates a serious health problem. If the month went, and then immediately stopped, the reason for this may be the following reasons.

  • Pregnancy. This option – not the most likely, but to exclude it is not worth it. Going to the pharmacy and bought a test can determine whether pregnancy is the cause of the disorders of menstruation. Remember, a pregnancy test should be done only in the morning at first urine. Examination by a gynecologist – what you can do if you do not trust this test or question his results.
  • Missing! Lack of ovulation is explained from a scientific point of view the fact that the female body can overwork and from time to time need such rest. Such a period occurs 1-2 times per year. Such a violation cannot be called common, and it occurs not in every woman. To establish whether the cause of menstrual irregularities it is this phenomenon that requires careful examination by a gynecologist.
  • exercise. during menstruation a woman should be wary of classes, in which the body is physically overloaded. The list of such cases can be referred hard sports or too much the performance of even simple physical exercises. As a result of these actions may develop pathology in which I got my period and stopped immediately.
  • Stress. Month end abruptly after went, because of the unusual heavy emotional load. Such problems are often experience of the student during exams or women who have serious problems in the family or at work.
  • Climate Change. This factor significantly affects the menstrual cycle. Because of the abrupt time zone changes and changes in weather conditions, a woman’s body to start to work in an unusual mode, which sometimes causes unexpected termination period.
  • Polycystic ovaries. the Use of certain drugs can cause a shift in hormonal levels. The result may be disease of the female genital organs.
  • Poor nutrition. Woman practicing too strict diet, dooms itself to problems arising from the menstrual cycle. The reason that periods went and immediately stopped, can also become overweight.
  • Ovarian Dysfunction. as a result of violations of the thyroid gland, the ovaries cease to perform their role. To establish a correct diagnosis and prescription of quality treatment, it is important to seek the advice of a specialist.

My period ends quickly – what to do?

Treatment is always prescribed. The systematic problems of the menstrual cycle should not tighten to a gynecologist. Depending on the reasons which influenced that period came in and immediately stopped, the doctor will prescribe the necessary procedures and measures to restore the cycle.

Especially the visit to the doctor is important in a situation when we are talking about diseases of the genital organs, which caused abrupt cessation of menstruation. If the self fails to restore the normal menstrual cycle should immediately contact to a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

You should not always worry about the abrupt cessation of menses after they start. In the period of menarche menstrual cycle has formed, so the girls it can be unstable. In such a situation to worry about.

Menstruation ends quickly  – Prevention

When my period went and then stopped, this is an unusual situation.

To bring such developments to a minimum is important throughout life to monitor their health.

Experts in one voice told that any violation of menstruation, can be caused by bad habits such as Smoking and alcohol abuse.

In the prevention of disorders of the menstrual cycle also includes taking care of your physical and emotional state. You should avoid stress and not take them to excessive physical exertion. For timely diagnostics of problems of the reproductive system, you should regularly visit a gynecologist.

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