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My period started late

There is little that frightens or pleases the woman the same as a delay period – the reaction depends, of course, she wanted to get pregnant, or trying to avoid it. Pregnancy – the first thing that comes to mind when the delay of menstruation. But is the delay of menstruation can be only one reason?

The duration of the menstrual cycle each woman is individual. In norm, the figure is between 21-35 days. Sometimes my period come on 1-2 days before the usual date, and sometimes can linger for a few days. These phenomena also in the normal range. But if menstruation has not started after 5 days, this is considered a delay. The most common cause is pregnancy. But it happens that tests persistently show a negative result, and the critical days is not. Or delay happened from the woman who theoretically and practically could not get pregnant. There are many reasons why my period has not started in time, and they are the reason for the visit to the doctor.

Why Is My Period Late?

Stress affects many things in our life, including on your period. Sometimes the stress is so strong that the body reduces the production of the hormone which is responsible for the onset of menstruation. In this case, you must consult with your doctor and possibly a psychologist.

A variety of diseases can cause delayed menstruation. Usually this is temporary – when you are cured, the menstrual cycle returns to normal.

Edit schedule of your period
You work in different shifts, began to get up early and/or stay up late, changed the time zone? All this may be the reason that period is not started on time.

Menstruation can come later or not start at all, if you start to take any medication. It can also occur when you stop taking the pill.

If you wear too much weight, it can cause hormonal disruptions, which, in turn, will lead to changes in the menstrual cycle. After restoration of normal weight cycle usually normalizes.

Weight below normal
It’s also not good for health. Too low weight can even lead to a complete cessation of menstruation is called as amenorrhea. When you restore the weight usually returns and Your period. This problem often occurs in women, overly passionate about weight loss and professional athletes.

Menstrual cycle in women vary. On average, it lasts 28 days, but someone it can be shorter or longer. What are you taking for the delay, in fact, can only be due to the fact that you incorrectly determined the duration of their menstrual cycle. In this case, we just need to wait a bit – most likely, the period will begin when they should begin.

Perimenopause is the period when a woman passes from reproductive to non-reproductive age. This time period can become weaker, stronger, to go more or less frequently and sometimes greatly delayed. If you don’t want to get pregnant, continue to be protected throughout perimenopause.

If you have menopause, ovulation and menstruation is no more.

And finally, Yes, the delay period may be because you are pregnant. If the delay lasts at least a week, do a home pregnancy test. In the case of a positive result, immediately make an appointment with a gynecologist.

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