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Nail Fungus

Fungal diseases are the most common ailments on earth. We propose to consider how to treat fungus of the toenails which professional preparations (tablets, ointment, cream, lacquer, other drugs) and folk remedies are used for this.

Onychomycosis (also known as “Dermatophytic onychomycosis” or “Tinea”) is the most common nail infection, according to statistics, every tenth in the world suffers from this disease. Despite the fact that to treat the disease should be at home, this infection is very difficult to influences from the outside, often the infection is accompanied by relapses and inflammation.

Symptoms of Nail Fungus

There are different classifications of nail fungus-depending on type and symptoms they may have completely different signs and symptoms, so it is very important to determine its (psoriasis, eczema, ringworm and stop dermatophyte very similar).

Superficial onychomycosis on fingers is manifested almost immediately after infection, consider the symptoms and signs of fungus on the nails of feet and hands:

  • Nails on the hands or feet become thick;
  • Brittle, crumbly or ragged nails are not only near the edge, but all over the surface;
  • Distorted shape, a scaly structure; the Initial stage – loss of luster and elasticity;
  • If the nail turned black (does not count in the case when a person regularly works with coloring compounds or mechanical parts);
  • Nails grow under the skin;
  • Starts dizbakterioz, perhaps the General decline of immunity, strength, drowsiness;
  • Itching between the toes and on the foot, especially pronounced in children;
  • Peel from the nail bed, this is a very common phenomenon and almost the last stage before the complete loss of the nail, which is called onycholysis. You may feel pain in your toes and detect a slightly unpleasant smell;
  • Skin becomes dry, cracked, rash, perhaps even the appearance of blood or ichor;
  • Musty white or yellow under the nail, depending on the species of fungus, it can be bright, dull, with defined edges and muddy structure.

Causes of Nails Fungus

Before the beginning of active actions, you need to minimize the negative impact of the external environment, to eliminate the reasons why there was fungus under the toenails:

  • Warm and moist environment perfect for growth of various microorganisms, all the time, try after a day to dry shoes, wear socks made of natural materials, which provide normal heat and air exchange;
  • Foot fungus can often appear due to poor immunity, You can just to step bare foot on the floor and pick up an infection, to avoid this, take vitamins;
  • Often nails can become one of the causes of onychomycosis, limit procedure to 1 session every six months;
  • The most difficult output is a fungus, called active spores. They penetrate into the hollows between the toes and fingers can be some time in the sleep phase, and then sharply grow. Most often they catch in public areas (swimming pools, shower booths, tanning) when using someone else’s shoes, etc.

Nails Fungus Treatment

In order to bring onychomycosis, you will need a lot of effort and money (if You plan to use professional tools). Consider different techniques like treatment of fungus toenails.

Medications and ointments for treat fungus

Antifungal lacquer or oil. If the infection is in the initial stage, the doctor will advise to use external preparations, for example, drops Ciclopirox (Penlac), Nohain, Vicks, Multivit. Times a day need to apply the gel to the nail plate before applying a fresh layer, the previous needs to be erased. These varnishes destroy odors, improve the condition of the nail, in a week, his form is much improved;

Actual medication. Your doctor may also choose other topical antifungal medications. This may be lotions, creams, ointments and other preparations with urea. It should be noted that these drugs are not individual drugs, rather they complement the oral agents used for prevention of various forms of Candida. In the domestic market is Nizoral, Activin, Zistan, Dietilftalat, Loceryl, Mikosan;

Oral agents (internal use). This pill, which increase the resistance of the body to fungal infections. Often prescribed Orungal, Irunin. Strong running nail fungus on the hands and feet can be cured only through the integrated use of ointments, lotions, poultices;

Surgery. If the nail is severely damaged, most likely, it will have to be removed. But it’s the only way to remove deep-seated fungus; Dermatophytes perfectly curable thermal methods and laser, for example, cryotherapy, acid disinfection, laser removal of fungi and the upper part of the nail plate. After that, the surface of the skin under the nail is also affected, but the spread of the fungus will be stopped.

How to get rid of fungus on nails – home methods

House you can affect the damaged area of medicinal ointments. For example, a well-proven clearance of the nails with iodine. Twice a day is necessary to put iodine solution on the nail plate and the space around it, it disinfects nails and kill the active spores. You need to consider that iodine dries the nails, so after a week of course need to take a break in a few days.

Many women’s sites are advised to treat the fungus with bleach or Domestos. Never resort to such methods – this can aggravate the situation. And fungal infections will be added to the large-scale skin burns.

You can use a simple garlic, it disinfects and kills any bacteria. Single piece clean, rub on a grater, the resulting slurry is applied to the damaged area, wrap bandage. The mixture leaving at night, morning, shoot, repeat regularly until the nail condition improves.

Nails Fungus TreatmentA good external agent turns out with Apple cider vinegar. Every day twice a day to wipe the feet with this liquid solution is applied directly to the painful area, but around them. In a bowl of cool water will need 200 ml of vinegar. Using this method, you can also get rid of excessive sweating and odor.

Another recipe with vinegar: one Cup means mix with one egg and 100 grams of butter, the resulting slurry was very mix well and leave overnight in the fridge, in the morning you can use as compresses.

Remove the fungi from the nails using the juice of celandine. As for the warts, it does not need to be diluted. Nallamala leaf plants, the site of the demolition stands out reddish or yellowish liquid, it is rubbed into the zone of deformation of the nails. To use every day during the week, after a break for 3-5 days. Pre-test yourself for allergies, otherwise the consequences might be.

To combat aggressive yeast is even used coffee. This natural antioxidant helps to clear the top layers of the skin from dead cells and spores. Brew very strong coffee, cooled it, put the solution in the affected limb. Need 5 to 10 treatments to completely get rid of fungi.

From yeast adversity will help the bow. The vegetable is peeled, grate, mix with a spoon of honey and apply the paste on the nails and the space around them. Keep a few hours every day, a few days. You will notice an improvement, and after a week disappear all the symptoms.

If the fungus in the child’s itching between your fingers, you need to use the recipe with baking soda. One scoop of mineral mix with a spoon of water. Work the abrasive mixture, it is necessary to rub any problem areas. Types of nail fungus on feet in children the same as adults, but often the disease progresses more rapidly. As soon as he saw any manifestation of onychomycosis, apply an aqueous solution of Indigo, and periodically update it. It can also be used during pregnancy or lactation.

Early symptoms can be removed easily using simple soap. rub the cleanser on a grater, diluted in a basin of warm water and up there feet. So often do in the army. Another secret of treatment from the military: regularly lubricate the sore spots with grease. The scheme is simple: washed my feet, rubbed with soap, dried it, applied the grease, so to walk 1-3 hours after washed off households. or tar soap.

Prevention of Fungal Infections

Prevention of fungus the big toe and feet is a very important task. Immediately after getting rid of adversity puts You at risk of infection, because the body will still be very receptive to this kind of, infections.

  • Drug treatment is not always justified, antibiotics kill the immune system, the body becomes more susceptible to fungi and disputes, try to minimize the use of such medications;
  • Any burns, and frostbite need a speedy treatment, or bacteria very quickly are reduced;
  • Effective treatment is only half the story, because you will need to completely disinfect all the surfaces that You touch: bedding, flooring, clothes, shoes, etc.
  • Self-treatment is good, but it does not guarantee that will not relapse. Preferably before the beginning of this struggle to visit a doctor who will perform the analysis and tell you exactly what kind of fungus You have and how to deal with it;
  • Not treated with medications alone;
  • Do Not try to conceal damaged nails colored lacquer, is more of them will damage and slow regeneration;
  • Doctor advises to make regular foot bath of mint and chamomile, it will greatly reduce the likelihood of Contracting the disease;
  • Man who was already sick with a fungal disease, you cannot donate blood;
  • Fungus is very contagious, so also consult your loved ones, take them to the doctor.

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