Newborn baby – what you need to know

Nine long months lasts waiting for the birth of the most familiar creatures for every woman with her child. And now, finally, comes the long-awaited meeting to which you want to prepare thoroughly. In addition to domestic moments, you must be armed with some knowledge about the appearance, behavior, and basic medical aspects of the health of the newborn. Then this meeting will be held as comfortable as possible for the newly-made mother and her child.

Newborn baby

Newborn babyIn the first hours after birth the baby may not look particularly attractive: you thought you will see a plump rosy-cheeked baby, and the midwife shows you screaming wrinkled red ball. The skin on the body of the newborn may be slightly cracked, bright pink, or even Burgundy, fingers slightly elongated, arms and legs can appear too thin and not proportional. All these things are perfectly normal for a baby in the first days of life, so you should not worry about them: if your child was something wrong, the doctors immediately reported it.

Soon you will notice your baby’s “bloom” before our eyes: soft skin is smoothed, rounded cheeks, the body acquires a pleasant roundness and correct proportions.

Reflexes of the newborn

Reflexes of the newbornMany people think that only born child does not know how to do anything except crying. In fact, nature has put in the baby’s reflexes, which gradually fade to three months of his life, yielding place to new skills. So, here are key innate reflexes of the newborn:

Sucking reflex. When a child is first put to the mother’s breast, he immediately begins to make the mouth movements, allowing him to get precious food.

Grasp reflex. If the handle newborn baby to put his finger, then he firmly compresses the Cam.

Politely reflex. If you put the baby on his stomach and hand to do emphasis to his feet, he, starting, try to crawl.

Sagitally reflex. If you lift your baby, clasping his hands under the chest perpendicular to the table so that his feet touched the surface, he begins to sort through the legs, imitating the gait.

Immediately after birth, neonatologist evaluates these reflexes, and concludes, whether healthy newborn. If necessary, the baby prescribe additional tests that help doctors to get a complete picture of the state of his health.

Needs newborn baby

Mother files her infant's nails while lying in bedNine months kid was my mom at heart. Continuously, without interruption even for a second, he felt her closeness was warmed by its heat, heard the voice and felt her love. Therefore, immediately after birth, when the baby gets into a strange and unknown world for him, he needs most maternal warmth and affection.

Scientists have proven that a newborn understands, feels and absorbs everything that happens to him in the first minutes of life. This phenomenon has a special name – imprinting. And these moments can impose a mark on his whole future life. Therefore, in recent years, there is a practice of applying baby to the breast immediately after birth, as well as joint stay on the postnatal ward of mother and baby to the thread, which had so long bound the woman with the child was not breaking immediately, as happens in the case if the newborn was immediately taken from the newly delivered women. Thus, when born, the baby falls into the same warm and good world, where it always has a mother.

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