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Newborn Hiccups

Most often hiccup occurs in children first year of life, and to a year or a little later, the parents even forget about its existence. Hiccups in newborns is physiological state. It arises not only due to the reasons precipitating factors, but also because of the imperfection of the digestive tract of a small child. Therefore, the older the child becomes, the less he worried about hiccup.

Hiccup was more worried about mom than the baby. So forget about the way to frighten the child. This you can only trigger a new attack.

Causes of hiccups in children

A single answer why a newborn hiccup occurs, does not exist. The majority of the occurrence of hiccups do not cause any violations, and does not cause significant discomfort to the baby. But every mother wants to help the child to get rid of the resulting hiccups.

Causes of hiccups in newborns may be different. And in order to help the child, you need to understand which is the factor that provokes it.

Baby hiccup occurs if:

  • child is very thirsty;
  • baby perished;
  • hiccups in newborns after feeding may occur due to the fact that when feeding the baby with milk swallowed air;
  • child frightened, for example, loud sounds or bright light;
  • hiccups in a newborn may occur as a result of overeating. This situation occurs in the case when food is trapped in the stomach, it expands, causing contraction of the diaphragm. The interaction of these reasons, a child may begin to hiccup.

Signs of hiccups in a newborn

Hiccups in newborns can take up to 15 minutes. This condition is not dangerous and may go on their own. If the child has hiccups last longer time, this is the reason for going to the doctor and detect any organic or functional disorders in children. Sometimes long hiccups may indicate the presence of a child disease. For example, hiccups can accompany pneumonia, diseases of the digestive tract or spinal cord injury. So if you have frequent hiccups in the newborn, more than 20 minutes, it is necessary to consult a pediatrician.

Hiccups in a Newborn – How To Cure?

When there is a hiccup, the first question concerned mother what to do when the baby hiccups. There are several ways that will help to eliminate this unpleasant phenomenon.

How to get rid of hiccups? After clarification of the possible causes, you can try the following methods:

  • Hiccups in a Newborn - How To CureMost common reason why the baby hiccups is swallowing air when feeding. In order to help the kid in this situation, you need to hold a baby upright and to walk with him around the room. As a rule, this provision allows to get rid of swallowed air, which leads to the cessation of hiccups. Also, try to substitute a pacifier or bottle for the baby, as is very often the situation when food a small child when feeding through a bottle goes very quickly, and the baby not to choke, swallowed the food along with air. If you are breastfeeding, see how he takes the chest. It is possible that changing the baby’s position when feeding, you will forget about the hiccups.
  • If a baby hiccups a lot, you can give him a bottle of water or applied to the chest again. The liquid helps to help the baby get rid of hiccups.
  • With hiccups in a newborn should be the first thing to touch the handle. If they are cold to the touch, then the most likely cause of hiccups – freezing. To eliminate hiccups, you need to warm the baby.
  • If the cause of hiccups newborn are irritants: loud music, bright lights, possibly it is necessary to eliminate them. It should be pressed the baby to her and quietly talk to him, carrying around the room. It acts distracting and hiccup goes.
  • If the child begins to hiccup in fright at the sight of strangers, it is best to limit the number of visits to the baby until he adapts to the environment. Especially this recommendation should be observed in the first months of life the newborn.
  • If none of these funds does not help, you can try to get rid of hiccups newborn with lemon juice or a strong infusion of chamomile. For this it is necessary to drip a few drops of the liquid under the tongue the child.
  • Do not overfeed your baby, as overfeeding is one of the main causes of hiccups in newborns. If overfeeding is constant, then hiccups may go into chronic stage and occur continuously. To understand that the baby has overeaten can be abundant regurgitation. In order to eliminate hiccups from overeating, try to feed your baby often, but not much.

How to Help Infant with Hiccups

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