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Nicotine test

According to statistics smokes 1 in 6 people. The problem is that, despite awareness of the negative consequences of addiction, such people do not become less. Little effect on their decline and the rise in price of cigarettes. Parents are scary when you start Smoking their children. Attentive dad and mom usually notice the first samples of smoke for company, when a boy or girl can feel a light smell of tobacco. This also changes the behavior of the child. But the employment of adults, lack of attention to children do not always give the opportunity to see the first negative adolescent addiction. To dispel doubts about the Smoking child help of modern diagnostic tests for nicotine.

How to use nicotine test

Test strips to nicotine is a convenient way to ensure that your child does not smoke. Express test allows the use of additional reagents in just a few minutes to learn about the presence of nicotine in the body of your child. For this purpose it is necessary to immerse the test strip in a container of urine to determine the result. It is worth knowing that the test will show a reliable result, even if after Smoking cigarettes has been more than 40 hours.

Parents should know that today in testing for nicotine progress. The existence of such test strips that can detect the presence of nicotine or spice in the urine, even if after their use it has been several weeks. But it’s expensive products, and not to buy poor quality, you should buy them only in pharmacies, monitor certification, and to carefully study the manual before applying them.

How to use nicotine testIt is worth emphasizing mothers and fathers in another important aspect. If the test showed a positive result, do not rush to punish, scold your child. Perhaps in the house you smoke, husband, other relatives? When this occurs in the presence of a son or daughter, they unwittingly become passive smokers, and this may affect the test result. If the house every day smoked about two packs of cigarettes, the indicator of nicotine in the urine of the child will be equal to one or two cigarettes. This means that parents have to blame only themselves. And psychologists have proven that Smoking dads and moms is always a catalyst for the development of addiction in the child.

In case of negative result of such test and having parents doubt, you can do it again in a few days.

Test for nicotine – the methods of deception

All modern achievements of medicine and have their “cons”. Even test for nicotine if you want you can cheat. And certainly know kids. The first way such fraud — substitution of urine. You can, for example, to take her brother or sister and parents to provide false material to the test. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the collection of urine.

The second way of cheating the test — podsypanie in her kitchen salt, detergents which would normally keep in the bathroom, the bathroom. As a result of such action, the acidity of the urine is changed and the test is not valid. But such actions can be controlled because changing the color of the urine, it may foam.

Confirm the results of nicotine rapid test laboratory research. So when in doubt go with the child to the lab. There certainly will confirm or dispel your doubts.

Testing of adolescents to nicotine — it will not only confirm their negative habits, but also a chance to show that you can learn the truth in this way. And most importantly after this test if it was positive, to find a way to convince the child not to succumb to the herd reflex, not to assert himself in this way. The child’s parents after testing need to consider how to avoid problems with health of the child and not to lose the understanding.

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